He's My Best Friend.

I am best friends with my first love. We didn't work out because my family didn't approve of him and I was too young to stand up to them. We stayed close. I dated other guys. He dated other girls. I fell in love again and got married. He fell in love again and got heart broken. Through it all, we've remained best friends. I want what's best for him and he looks out for me. It's weird and complicated. Sure, there are "what ifs" and you can never forget your first love, but I am just so thankful for our friendship. We are inseparable. We love to hang out. I give him girl advice, he tells me when I am being unfair to my husband. People don't understand us, but I couldn't see my life without my best friend. I am truly thankful for our friendship.
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I feel the same. And it's not easy and it's weird and complicated. I think it's still too soon, but we both know we need our best friend to keep on going. I need him to cope with our breakup, as strange as it sounds. He is my best friend.

Thank you for this whoever you are. My wife is this story exactly. Who knows, maybe you are my wife secretly posing on EP. So exact, so true. OMG. Please explain more to me...write me privately if need be. Because as a husband to her, I struggle to understand.