Sunshine and I stumbled onto each other in another online community.  I'm not really sure how (or why) she decided to persue a friendship with me; I was pretty messed up at the time.  But she did, eventually earning enough of my trust to exchange IM addresses...and later phone numbers.

About this time last year, my parents announced that they were going on a cruise over Christmas.  While I was happy for the fun they would have, it meant that I was gonna be spending the holiday alone.  Granted, holidays with my family are...difficult...but at least I'm not sitting home alone.  While the thought of a Christmas all by myself was pretty awful, I was ready to handle it.

And then I told Sunshine what they were planning.

Her reply?  "Oh, great!  That means you can come out here for the holiday!  What kind of pie do you like best?"

I was totally blown away.  Yeah, we'd been talking in IM nearly daily for months, and at least weekly for a year.  Yeah, we talked on the phone from time to time.  But I'd never seen her in person, didn't know for sure exactly where she lived even.  I hesitated, she nudged.  I hesitated some more, she nudged harder.  Finally I broke down and started researching airfares.

When I finally met her face-to-face, it was like meeting a long-lost sister.  We shrieked like a pair of schoolgirls, talked over each other, and generally acted more like our shoe sizes than our ages! 
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That is a wonderful story. Almost too good to be true. People always talk about finding their true love and soulmate. But guess you have found your true friend. Well worth valuing sounds like. ;)