I don't believe that dreams have any special or predictive powers, beyond the theory that they represent what goes on in our uninhibited subconscious.

But that alone is enough for dreams to tell you that no matter how convinced you are of something consciously, or no matter how much you've rationalised and committed to a change within yourself...  that your subconscious self is simply not interested.

I find it hard to be disappointed at that. The truth of your subconscious just is. There's no point trying to beat it into something else, and these glimpses can be very revealing about what really makes one tick.
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agreed. Dreams don't have predictions. However, there is an interesting theory;
Your brain is like an department. In that department we got thousands of offices. Inside those offices we have our memory stored. These memories are getting stored while you are dreaming. That's why you most of the time dream about something you have seen (in a movie for example) or did that day (or period).

When memories are getting stored you sometimes think of problems throughout the day. Like thinking if your relationship will end. Then your subconcious will make a theory about what would happen. Its like its solving it. So maybe one of those nights you get a dream that your relationship ends.

Well I had a week full of dreams that I committed suicide. But I have never dreamt about anything like that before. But after one week of these creepy dreams, I was at school and a father of someone who almost everybody knew committed suicide. We were all shocked and we got a day off. At that day I heard it, the weird dream just stopped.


My dreams definitely make me think twice about what's really important to me... sometimes the message is so clear that I don't even need to analyze.

I agree with you on this Dods. I think you said it all. You cannot change the unchangable; what just is. Sometimes it`s surprising to find and accept those things we learn about ourselves that just can`t be altered... [Really? I`m like that?]

Do you dream in colour or black and white? I was told men dream in black and white and *drama queen* like me dream in technicolour ;0) Men do not usually remember their dreams anyway. So no point even to rationalise ........................

I think that dreams are just your mind trying to sort through all of the information that you have consciously or subconsciously encountered recently. I think they are just reflections of memory consolidation that takes place while we are sleeping. In fact, there is some research that points to dreams being formed from "implicit memories", which are memories that you are not aware that you have. I read an abstract that proposed that dreams serve "to strengthen the neural traces of recent events, to integrate these new traces with older memories and previously stored knowledge, and to maintain the stability of existing memory representations in the face of subsequent experience." I have a strong ability to recall my dreams and I find that they are often times bits and pieces of things I've seen the day before and I firmly believe that the things I don't remember seeing recently are memories that I just can't recall. Simply fascinating.

It would help if the memory held, rather then having to grasp at concepts when you wake or training your brain to reflex into memory retrieval upon waking.<br />
Dreams! One of the most interesting things about being a mammal! theTardyDodo (who, as a bird, has never dreamt) , you set my brain off in a tangent that might have been unreadable as a comment, my story is inspired by all above.

dreams most definitely reveal one's true self. i found, many times, when i'd made a decision to change an aspect of myself, my dreams, upon evaluation, would let me know it simply was NOT going to happen. i continued my efforts. eventually the conscious mind will wear out the unconscious. i also studied handwriting analysis so i could start writing certain letters differently to attain my goals of self change. this too assisted in my transformation to a great degree. sounds silly but it worked ...