The Purpose Is Unclear


My mother told many people of dream she had prior to my first sisters birth, it was very specific, she was to have the baby premature and it would not be in her home-cities hospital.

Time came and my sister was born at 20 something months, only the size of adult male palm.

My mother only told my grandmother about the second dream, by that point she saw that there could be some truth in them and did not want to alert my step-dad. In this dream she gave birth to my sister in the back of a broken ambulance, halted on the way to the Waikato hospital.

When she did have my second sister, it was at Waikato hospital, but the dream had been very close to what happened, the ambulance had broken down on the way and she almost gave birth there and then.

So I have subjective evidence that dreams are something more. She never told me about these dreams prior to the events, I was 6 and 8 when my sisters were born, but she did tell other people that verify her story. Why would she lie?

To add more meat to this anecdote, my great uncle is a family legend for his predictive dreams. A man known for waking ‘knowing’ that the dog had died in the previous nights frost or the herd of cows was stranded in flooding. He dreamt of these things, woke and told people, then ran out and low and behold… The dreams were reality.

So, what could it be? With prem babies it is possible to say that my mother’s body was warning her that she was not going to have a routine pregnancy, to be cautious…but then how to explain the specifics of the ambulance? Specifically a broken down ambulance, and then for that to happen (She was airlifted away from the dream being reality, but it was close), very strange. Coincidence? Is it coincidence dreaming two related events in a sequence very close to what actually happens?

My great uncle is easy to explain away, I may as well just say it’s a family myth and holds no truth. For the sake of this conversation I am only adding it as anecdotal.

I personally have never recalled a dream with events specific to something that subsequently occurred. I believe my mother, and she has this personal proof, I believe she experienced that. The best dreams I have had are Lucid, dreams where I know my reality is subjective and shifting, dreams where I marvel at the intricate nature of my brains virtual reality. I find these intriguing enough without considering occult reasons behind my nocturnal wanderings.

And it is important to note that there was no obvious benefit to my Mother having these predictive dreams, both events occurred regardless of what she told family members. So even if her experience is wholly genuine, what good came from it? And it is the same in the anecdotal stories of my great uncle; he always woke after the event, always to be the messenger of bad news…never a dreaming hero.

Evolutionary, if it were possible to bend the laws of physics biomechanicaly or through some other means, it would have been a heck of an advantage to intuitively know when your family members were hurt, to save your group expending energy searching for felled members or heading into predator territory whilst searching. IF it were possible to know when something bad had happened to someone you care for, perhaps we might have come across this ability naturally.

Or perhaps we are tied in with countless people in alternate dimensions, some of which live lives very similar to ours but with slight differences. Perhaps your quantum twin in a neighbouring bubble-universe experienced it first, passed the message to you through the magic of quantum dreaming bonds, and you knew what they had been through and so were more equipped to deal with it?

Jeepers, I am only making things up now. Searching for the ‘Why?’

Ah well, I’ll say that Dreams are one of the most interesting things outside of ‘reality’, I have gone through months of reading sleep/dream, related literature and recording my dreams often. Science has only recently begun to experiment with dreams, the Taboo has lifted. There is much we can learn from dreams, like ‘what is the intuitive nature of our existence?’ which can be tested through simple in-dream experiments to see what kind of physics laws the brain prefers (Anyone want to let me lead that one? Got a sleep-lab?)

But what is the point of predicative dreams if the foreseen event goes ahead anyway? We aren’t living on predator filled savannah anymore, so perhaps it is just an evolutionary throwback, although I would hate to try and figure out how your genes could code for future vision.


Personally I think most dreams are like the subconscious monologue that fills my head when I try to relax; it is just my brain doing its sub-routines to keep my thinking as best as possible. There must be other advantages to dreaming, evolution has included them in all mammals except the platypus (there might be another)…


Heres something interesting! When you dream your body is paralysed, but you can turn this paralysis off as was done in kittens. And what happened when the kittens slept? They acted out their dreams. This is why many people will experience sleep paralysis upon waking, sometimes continuing to dream while unable to move…sometimes seeing aliens or demons around their beds. I can only recall one incident which seemed like this, when I was about 4 and I saw Sesame Street characters stick their furry heads through my window and abuse me with balloons while my cousin watched on laughing. When I woke up I had Mum call my cousins family and I spoke directly to her, telling her off for watching without stopping the characters. I never believed her (“I’ve been asleep”) until I was about 10 or older. The experience had seemed so real, it is easy to see how some people visualise demons and aliens and then think the experience is legitimate.


What was I saying? Oh yeah, dreams…well, what’s to say on dreams? Is it sensible to analyse a subjective internal reality? Should we plan our lives based on our imagined journeys? Nah, but they sure are interesting as a subject. Although everyone likes to talk about their dreams, not many people like to listen, I do, because sometimes the icons and context can illuminate some ignored fact in the dreamers mind. And as far as predictions, who knows? The evidence is anecdotal and occasionally compelling, but it really depends on the universe you live in as to wether useless(?) visions have meaning.

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Yes sleep paralysis, personally I take the position that it is just a realistic lucid dream, walking around a dream version of what you know to surround you. However, I never had very much luck with the OOBE's, perhaps you will, there’s piles of spiritualistic guides available online about them and techniques to induce through meditation and chakra work.<br />
As for sleeping long, the reason the dreams you remember from late morning are brighter and easier to remember is because they are actually longer and more detailed. The dream cycles grow longer with each sleep cycle, the last two are sometimes an hour long, if you wake during a dream, you have a much higher chance of remembering it.<br />
When people say “I don’t dream” They’re really saying “I don’t try to remember my dreams”<br />
Oh, and some scientists and Lucid Dreamers speculate that we dream during non-rem periods…which would be very strange.<br />
Dreams are very wacky

Maybe dreams exist as an in flight movie of sorts for the brain while the body is asleep? Something for the brain to do while the body goes through the long flight of rejuvenation. What you have described about sleep paralysis I have read is often experienced by people who are astral projecting at the time. There body wakes while their mind continues on its journeys. I have read that this sleep paralysis can be over come by forcing your big toe to move. I wish I could confirm this, but I have never woken to sleep paralysis before. I believe déjà vu exists because of or can be explained through dreams. Or perhaps déjà vu can be described as some sort of precognitive experience?<br />
<br />
There are many times that I will dream of something but not remember it until I see/hear something in the waking world. Just this last weekend I had a dream about Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald only to wake and scarcely remember it. My cousin stopped in and watched some TV with me the next day. I wanted to go do something else other than watch TV so I left it on the history channel hoping he would get bored and take off. Long story short something came on about the Kennedy family history and it was at this time that I remembered the extent of part of my dream.<br />
<br />
I would find it really hard to believe that this was just one big happy bit of coincidence considering the detailed and rather specific circumstances of the dream. I do not try too hard to interpret my dreams because I think dreams are specific to the person having them. I usually pick apart my dreams and know why certain aspects of them are there and what they mean. But there are other times when I would swear I was on some sort of drug when I slept. Other times I will close my eyes and see a torrent of images swirling in my minds eye. This usually indicates that I have neglected sleep for far too long as I usually do and am doing right now. <br />
<br />
One last bit on dreams that I have found to be true for myself is the more sleep I get the more I dream. If I get around 6 hours or less of sleep, I usually do not dream or at least do not remember what I dreamt. Around 10 hours and more and I am in for a roller coaster ride of dreams.