monday.. Febuary 15th at 6:28am.. I will remember this forever..

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wow, quite an experience. Suicidal thoughts have haunted me as well, I fear if I don't find a telepathic wife to help me cope with my problems, and let me enjoy this gift, I will do the worst.

Ha.. It was a huge enlightenment I had on shrooms.. I was just laying in bed.. Ready to kill myself.. And it was like My brain had given me every reason not to die.. as much as I wanted to.. I felt like I had broadened my understanding of life and death, and was such a change... that I was a different person.. I felt more one with myself.. Stronger in spirit and mental abilities.. It almost felt like being born again.

well it's good your better, wanna share what your better from? how this time became a turning point for you?