Seven Months

First he didn't call me all summer, but he did it so he wouldn't hurt me, so I loved him even more for it.

Next he didn't try to get me back, but he thought I was in love with my boyfriend and wasn't going to go there, so I respected his morals.

Then he cheated on his sort-of girlfriend, but it was with me, so it was exciting and scary and I hoped it meant he really loved me to risk something like that.

Then he ignored me all night and talked with other girls, but he didn't act like he liked any of them as more than friends, and I knew he hadn't seen them in a long time and wanted to catch up, so I decided it was okay.

Now he still acts like he likes his ex-girlfriend (not the one he cheated on, the other one, who he really loved), but he tells me he doesn't, so I try to trust him.

Last night I found out at one point he had decided to pick his girlfriend over me, didn't tell me, and then a month later broke up with her for me. But at least he was trying to do the "right" thing by staying with his girlfriend. So I'm confused.

I've tried to let him go twice, and I haven't had the willpower. I know I'm too good to be going through all this for him. I know I shouldn't be the one trying so hard to keep us together. But I love him. So I'll keep working hard for this relationship, until I'm so run out of energy and love that it's over.

Don't comment and tell me to leave him, it won't do any good.

Tyler Tyler
3 Responses Feb 4, 2007

As I was perusing your story a few thoughts popped into my mind:<br />
1) I would say red flags come up when he can't seem to make up his mind who he wants, first her then you then her.<br />
2) Take off the rose-colored glasses sweets, this guy doesn't know anything about love. He's a raging mass of hormones and if he cheated on a girlfriend with you, why would you conclude he won't do the exact thing to you? Leopards don't change their spots.<br />
3) Determination is fine and good but masochism is something else entirely. You take these things and twist them into what you want them to be but you are a biased and someone on the outside would undoubtedly see them differently. This is not the knight in shining white armor. Be realistic about it. These type of situations is how come there are so many bitter women in the world. Can't force someone to be by your side that doesn't want to be. I think when you are calmed down and not so anxiouslly and desperately seeking to keep him with you, you will realize the truth of my words. I hope you do before it's too late. I don't see this ending well.

if its ment to end it will , we kick the arse out of love till there is no love left keepnyour chin up girl

I feel almost the same about someone else. I am not in the same situation as you but I am probably the same way. So I can't really criticize. :)