Yes I Am and They Know

Hello everyone, you guys are welcome to read my story and of course dont hesitate to give me a holla.

I am 24 and live in California with my g friend. We have been living together since Feb 07, so far I really like it. I use to live with my parents and I decided to move out because i wanted to be closer with my girlfriend without no interuptions and secrets. Yeah my parents, 7yr old sis and my 25 yr old brother knows. I'm still wondering if my older brother is still lost about it.  Meaning he is not sure so my mom says. No, they did not kicked me out I kicked my self out. The whole story is really long, but I will be happy if you guys message me with questions. Or just add me as a friend and we can connect and Ill chat away.

Fabi230 Fabi230
22-25, F
May 22, 2007