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Many years ago I had an older friend that loved to suck me off but while he sucked me he loved to hear about what I did with my girlfriend. The dirtier the better, one day he begged me to **** her then not wash and as soon as possible see him so he could taste her and me together. I did this quite a few times for him.
Is this the true definition of Bi loving the taste of both worlds??
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I know what you mean ***** juice coating a **** as you hold it and see *** dripping from it. The smell is intoxicating but the taste is great too, tangie and sweet all at once. Although the tang of a tight *** hole coated in ***** juice and *** drives me crazy :-) xxxxxx

I like the taste & smell of a woman's *****. Also, I like to suck ****. I have fantasized of doing just that - sucking a **** fresh from a hot *****. But that combination is nearly impossible to find. I'm bi and love the taste of both worlds!

He was wonderful and really liked my visits as they became kinkier and kinkier he taught me lots