Ive Never Had The Chance

I've never had the "chance" to be bisexual. But when I think of women they are so much softer, smell like women, and when you are sucking her nipple and reach down to finger her. That first time your finger hits her ***** and she goes makes that "ssssssssummmmyeaaaaaaaaummm" you know exactly how that feels. How it feels to been tongue kissed over and over, your neck kissed, your neck licked, your nipples flicked with a tender tounge, then licked, then tounge kissed again this time hard and that sucking/biting thing on the lower lip. On and the entire time you are doing this with a lady and you are making lady sounds. Female moans and groans, women's heavy breathing, So imagine after all of that your hand reaches down, touches her wet ***** and she realizes you are going to finger **** her she is writhing and wimpering "**** my *****, **** that ***** baby" over and over. Oh she loves it when she is on all fours and I have three fingers inside her ***** from behind. She makes me pound her hard, you know her g spot is hit with each thrust she is fingering her ****. Yeah we would rock in unison so hard and so fast because finger ******* hits your g spot and at the as,e time ur **** is rubbed rubbed rubbed faster faster faster pound me pound me ram your fingers farther bayyyyyyyyyybeeeneeeeee,,,,,,oh yeah, that would make a woman ***. Only a woman can finger **** another woman properly. I know this has to be true
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1 Response May 13, 2012

This is my fantasy!