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My mom makes fun of me and says that I'm just some poor lost, confused soul trying to find her way. I'm really open to so many things though and I think tha twith all the stuff I want to try, gender should be the least of my worries.
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remember it's ok to be a "confused soul"'s ok not to be sure & seek the answer. we can't know everything. be patient with urself & with time u will find out more about urself & other people. be safe & reasonable but do continue to be open to many things. we should never stop looking for ourselves, there's allways a part of us even if it's small, that we don't understand. plus were allways changing. sounds like it could be frustrating but perhaps a little mystery can add some excitement, or @ least purpose to life.

You are so right. Being a teenager is so very tough. Live life, have fun, listen to most of what your parents say and filter it as you feel you need to. Love life and it's mostly about exploring, failing and trying things out to know what you like or don't like. I try not to judge anything until I've done it. Experience life. I promise there is nothing wrong with you and most don't admit their feelings or thoughts if fear of being judged, so says how strong of a woman you are.