The Day I Told My Wife I Had A Bisexual Expertience

I have the most Awesome wife. I love her very much.We are a very open mind couple we was getting ready to go on are vaction and a few weeks. I was on the web when I found out that the places we was going to alot of Swinger and Bi-Swinger go there. It made me start thinking about the Bisexual expertise that had before we got married. So I begin to talk to my wife about the Bi swinger that was to be there to see if she would be Interested. and she was but nervous but willing to do what made me happen. I ask her how would she feel about meeting a Bicouple to have fun with. Well she don't know if she could be with a women because she had never done any thing like that.I ask her what if a women giving you oral sex. I know you really like that and by it being a women she could give you a awesome ******. I can help her l'll think about that she said. I keep on taking about thing to her. I could tell she was like me  get aroused. So it was time to pop the big Question how would you like to be with me and a Bi guy at the same time. I started tell all thing we good do to she at the same time.she was getting more Interested now and I was getting more aroused for sure. She ask me how do you know so much about Bisexual Expertise. That when i being to tell her my secrete I have been keep all to my-self. I said well baby before we met . I had a Bi-Expertise with a guy.Just one no its been a few times. I was looking for her to get really" PO" but to my supprise she go MMMM that sound Interesting.She wanted to hear more. Well i have been with Bi-male and i have used a Didlo on my self alot. She wanted to know what does it feel like do you like doing it with a guy. HU well I like it alot and it feel really good.She ask What did you do with him.Well avery thing. we 69 he suck me I did the same to him.Yes we had anal sex to giving and taking.OK are you OK with that .Yes could be Interesting to watch you with a bisexual guy.I was really turn on by now and had a hard on I can feel pre-*** dripping on my leg now.I got up to play with her She look at me and said I see you have a hard on you must be really turn by all this Yes i am so I started to play with her and found out that she was very wet to.We both being to *****-down at the same time.I love to Pleasure and Satisfy my wife.I started giving her oral sex. I love to make my wife have a ****** first.Then we started make love I like to make love and all kinds of postion.She had another ****** and to my supprise she said do you want me to do you with the didlo.I would like that yes i would very much she  got up and got are toy she lub it up and started rubbing my anal with the toy.She being to slowly do me a first then it got faster and hard she started jacking me off at the same time it felt Ex-tremely good so it did not take me long to shoot a hot load all over my-self and at same time my wife had a climax to now that was really awesome to do that together.

Love to hear your comments about are story and more to come

My wife is truly awesome and my soul mate.
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hey i'm a bi-male too ..may be we can chat sometime on username is arya.gupta.503 if u like