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It started last year. I'd gotten close To this one girl and I found that I was attracted to her. I paid more attention to her than anyone else doing everything I could as a friend to keep her happy. One day I told her how I felt and it turned out she felt the same way. We got together but in secret the first time I kissed her.. Well I hadn't expected to feel what I did. She was my new years kiss. We spent months apart both of us going to different varsities. I dated a guy and ended it with him after 3 months. Thinking that what I went through was just a phase. When I saw her again I knew I still felt something for her. Lately I've been noticing other girls some of which I found very attractive but I don't have a friend to confide in because I don't even know how to tell the closest friend I have. There are times I wish I could just have one girl that I could make happy because I know I'll be able to keep her happy and keep things spontaneous.
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Wow its been a while since I've been on here. A lot has happened since I wrote this and the girl in the story is now a stranger in my life, currently dating a guy. Last I saw her... well you know how it goes. But she wasn't into trying a long distance relationship. She also has expressed an interest in girls however shes going the other root and sticking strictly to guys. As for me? Well I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for a year and four months. I haven't looked back and I am happy. <br />
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Kindashy11 apparently there is a way. I'm still trying to figure it out as my gaydar is all kinds of screwy. My girlfriend explained it in terms of mannerisms and topics that come into conversations. Its hard sometimes because you never know if its friendship or romantic feelings coming from your crush. You over analyse and over think everything they do but hey sometimes they can surprise you. I wish you luck, hopefully you find a way to convey your feelings.

I'm curious to know what has happened since you wrote this story?

I just realised that this story is from aaaages ago but I still wanna comment. Simply because this story really spoke to me. I go through the same feelings, not ever knowing if its just a phase or not. But I crave the love of a girl who can just be happy to be with me. So I really do think that whatever happens, if you find that girl, will be for the best :)

be bold and just do it

be bold and just do it

i think it wasn't a phase, and its fine that u are attracted to other girls too. and if u want to make another girl happy then that proves even more it was not a phase and your not just into the sex but also an emotional attachment.