Great Massage

Well I work nights and it can some times be a seven days a week job, and at least 10 hour days. I usually get a massage durring the week at least a couple times. Well I couldnt get in to my regular guy, so I looked and found one open at 4 am when I get off work. I went and he invited me in, to a normal old place not any different than any other I'v been to in the past. Pat did a great job, completely satisfied, and it was so great to have a guy I could go to on my scheldule. I visited him a few times, and one morning, he had me all done, now the room was dim litt, smells great, soft easy tunes playing low, I'm almost asleep, after more than an hour of massage, front and back. Well I'm on my back and I'm not shy so I'm nude, and Pat finishes and I'm just about out, and I hear him say nice and low, "well were all done", and then unlike usually, he says, "unless thier is somthing else you need done", and before I could even think, I said. "N", and befor I could finish my sentance, you know? the old, nope, Im good! Pat is massageing my penis, and I mean he is realy going at it, I am a very macho guy, I'm thinking "What the hell is he doing", and just less than a second later I'm about to sit up and ask him just that! When again before I could Pat, is massageing my balls, and has me all the way in his mouth and without raising my head, I bet my eyes where rolled back in my head, I thought My, this feels fantastik! Pat knew what he was doing more so than any other time I'v had oral sex proformed on my in my life. I decieded to sit up and look at it and see if it would gross me out or not, I did and I was even more excited now. Pat was right next to me, his butt about the line of my chest, and he was bent away from me, licking and massaging my balls, and using his toung and mouth in ways I'd never imagined before. At some point I almost began to ******, and as I took in a deep breath, I naturaly raised my arms, and as they fell is if I'd done many times when my female friend had proformed this act on me, my hand came down on Pats back, his lower back. I left it there, I kind of needed somthing to hold onto as I began to ****** again I guess? Well I was so enjoying his mouth and then instead of going up and down on me, he reached uner and was raising my hips and groin up into his mouth, at this he was not only makeing my experience great, but limbering up my back as well, it was voodoo oral of wich I'd never experienced! Well I became so aroused, I reached around to loosen the string on Pats scrubbs and as I did, his perfect sized penis fell free, and as he felt me get it into my hands and when my other hand grabbed the balls, he looked back and said, " you realy like this ha?" Ya dont stop I said. Pat began to massage my prostate and do his voo doo sucking and as I began to feel my ****** build, I was ************ Patrick and realized I was so excited I wanted him to explode and i wanted to see it. I was raising my head to try to get his penis in my mouth, I realy wanted him inside me, now. Well I began to *** and I told Pat this was happinging , and he swallowed my intire **** in his mouth and I could feel Pat move as he was sucking on me he was ******* in my hands. And befor I could get my head up I was so enjoying my explosive ******, i could hardly move, and at that time Pat was exploding and his hot *** was splashing all over my hands and chest, and I just kept pumping him and pumping him, and he kept sucking me and sucking me. and when I was all done, he leande up and licked up the juices from my chest, this realy turned me on. Well I went back to Pat again and wanted to proform on him, but befor I did I had a talk with him, and found by talking to him, Pat was not a very safe person in my opinion. Well thats been a year now, and I'v dreamed and wanted to have a special friend I could explore my fantasy of proforming on a man. But have not found that one, who I feel is safe enough. I'm not even sure what is safe? I guess I never will? I dont know if I was allowed to do it again or a few more times if I would like it or get it out of my system. I know it was so exciting to type it out here, I will probably go masterbait now? Thanks
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your story got me hard as a rock. thanks for sharing. nothing weird about a guy helping a guy out at all. enjoy !!!

OMG! That was one hot experience thank you for sharing it with us all. One day I will find a guy I am comfortable with to please him.

Thanks to all my new friends here, knowing you all like what happened, makes me even more excited when I think of it, and I think of it every day. I wish some of you lived closer? thanks for being so great

Very nice!

Well as for giving a massage, I'm tained in that, not to mention I've recieved at least 500 of em. It's the happy ending, I've still not been trained on that. If you woudl like to help me out, well, get in touch. I'm glad you liked reading it though, I didnt add a thing, It realy was incredible!