I Want To Be With A Woman

I have always loved men. The way they smile, the way they smell when they get out of the shower, the way their hip bones feel under my lips when I kiss them. The way my lips feel when they are wrapped around a hard ****. The warm quivering sensation of ******* when a hard **** is inside of me. I love it.

However, over these past years, I have found myself increasingly attracted to the female body. At first I thought it was merely admiration for the beautiful female form, but lately I get soaking wet whenever I think about cupping a pair of breasts in my hands and sucking on the hard nipples. Or slipping a couple fingers into a woman's wetness and searching for her g-spot. Or circling my tongue around her **** and sticking a finger in her *** until she **** hard.

At this point I am only attracted to women in a physical sense...I've never fallen in love with a woman or anything. But it's not out of the realm of possibility.

I am in the position of just having gotten out of a relationship with a wonderful man. A man who is still my best friend, who I still hope to be with one say when he is in a better place emotionally. I feel like this is my chance to explore my sexual attraction to women, but I am scared. And if I do explore, then get back together with this man, I will feel obligated to tell him. And I don't know how he would take it, because he's not really the type of man who is into ********** or watching two women together.

So there is my story...
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5 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Very well written and expressed how you feel...<br />
<br />
I think I may be the man...<br />
I.e. if my wife told me one day she felt just like you, I wouldn't be surprised...<br />
<br />
It seems to have evolved beyond the usual "girl fascinated by another women" (looks, hair, clothes, whatever), to a more turn on kind a thing. <br />
<br />
So, I do not know what to do - me neither.. ! (and cannot do anything probably..)<br />
<br />
What bother me is that I find myself disturbed by these small occurrences (when she is without doubt affected by some female). I have tried to be/seem open minded, but it is hard to talk about (I actually have tried) this as I think she would have a hard time admitting it to herself, labels like lesbian or bisexual etc scares her personality a lot... So it would be a long walk to get there...<br />
<br />
Then I am thinking that this fascination one day may "materialize" into a crush on another woman and a sudden change would suit her better... I would of course prefer to work through it together instead of abruptly being pushed into the cold.<br />
<br />
I must add that our sex life at times have been affected by some lack of lust etc. on her part, and I still think she does things when in bed to please me, not because she wants me, if you understand..<br />
<br />
I suggest you girls go hones" with your man if you mean this... if he loves you and/or is made of solid gold ;), you will go together and find what is best for you both. Without communication there is nothing. Really.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing.. ;) wishing you the best on your path further...

great story. i am in a similiar situation. at this point, i don't know what to do either.

any of you live in TN? I am DYING to feel another woman's touch.....and to pleasure another woman orally....I am a very attractive woman and it would have to be very discreet, but I can't stop fantasizing about it!!!

I am a lot like you... Actually as I was reading your story, I felt like it was coming out of my mind. This is difficult for me though, I don't understand what is going on with me :/

Wow... strangely, I feel the same... i want to have the experience of being with a girl... but don't now how my bf will take it... He's also not the ********** or watching two women together.