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I think I will start with a bit of back ground first. My husband and I have been married for 10 wonderful years and he has always focused very hard on making me happy in all aspects of our relationship and he is very successful at it. So last summer we are at a party at some friends house and having a great time when I notice that my husband and one of the other ladies is missing. I don't really think anything of it as we are all really close (there are 8 of us) and I trust my husband. We have always been able to discuss everything about everything and I am not insecure about him being alone with one of my BFF's. The next day we are snuggling on the couch replaying the previous evenings events and he says he needs to tell me something...... He explains to me that D#1(to help with keeping track and not use names) and him had gone into a bedroom and they had talked about the fact that our "group" enjoys sharing(for lack of a better word) their intimacy with their friends. We have been hangin out with this group for over two years at this point and had no clue, or at least I didn't, maybe he did. Anyway, he told me that D#1 told him that she was very interested in exploring that with us! Not just him but us, meaning that she was interested in me too! The very first reaction that came out of me was: I blushed! Turning on men had always come naturally for me but the fact that another woman was interested in me!!! Wow I was flattered, intrigued, and getting turned on thinking about it. We enjoyed a very nice day discussing, pondering and simply exploring the idea of me and another woman. But then that was it. It went no further after that day. Was never mentioned again! no

Well after yet another lonnnnggggg cold winter, the sun shines, the motorcycles come out and summer begins again with a party at our friends house. As the evening progresses, the husband of D#2 comes to me and says he needs to talk to me alone.  We go into a back room and start just playing with each other, ya know. Any way in comes my husband and D#2, we talk for a while and decide this needs to be more private so we decide to come to my house. We all get here and comfy in my cozy California king size bed and D#2 and my husband are simply having a fantastic time. I know how good of a lover my husband is so I am very familiar with the sounds she is making! My side of the bed how ever consists of me watching and D#2's husband passed out!!!! I was disappointed to say the least but thought why let that ruin it for me, so I joined in helping my husband pleasure D#2. Now keep in mind that I have never been with another woman before so the only ***** I had ever tasted was my own from my husbands ****. It was something that I enjoyed very much and just kept licking and licking and licking. The result was that her ****** was so intense that she passed out shortly after my husbands very intense ****** inside her. Followed by him passing out!!!!
So there I am, finally knowing what it's like to have my face feel like a glazed donut and all alone! All three passed out cold and me horny as hell and wide awake. Well I turned on a sexy movie and took care of myself being as loud as possible in hopes of getting some help. Well it didn't happen and I finally fell asleep on the living room couch, ALONE!
They were all very quiet the next morning too because when I woke up I was still alone, but this time completely. My husband had gone to work and our friends went home!
So now a month has passed and here is where I am: I know I enjoyed tasting another woman but would I enjoy her doing the same and maybe more to me?; I know I didn't feel jealous watching my husband with another woman but I defiantly felt left out!; Did D#2's husband pass out because he had been drinking too much or was that a defense mechanism to avoid being with me?;
We are all still very close and spend tons of time together but we never talk about it, the subject of it happening again has never been brought up and I just don't know where to go with it or what to do. I do know I would like to be with another woman, just one on one, or with just my hubby and me and her but I would be open to enjoying her partners company as well. Now What?!?!?!?!
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You had me at "glazed donut". Hot little story. What do you do now? Just what you do when you really want something, you go get it! Not that hard to do, WORK AT IT!!!!!