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I would love to talk to some gay/bi girls about being with girls, how they knew they were gay/bi, etc. I'm pretty confused right now and I think it might help me figure my feelings out a bit. Also, it;d be so nice to have someone to really talk to about these feelings.
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Hi, I know it's confusing but it will clear I promise you. I was still in high school when I was trying to figure out who I was and got lucky and met a really good counselor. He taught that life is an adventure and until you try something you will never know if thats what you need. I was engaged to a what I thought was a great guy just last year and then he cheated on me and it was the lowest point in my life. Since I met the most amazing woman on the planet and have never been this happy. Just open your heart and don't force anything...try what you're comfortable with at least once and push your limits just a little. I've been where you are and I know how you feel so if you ever want to chat please let me know. Good luck and be safe.

Hi Belle, we're in the same age bracket (I'm 20) and same sort of circumstances (think I'm bi curious but in a long term loving relationship with my boyfriend and looking for answers) <br />
Send a message and we can chat, it would be nice to talk to someone who is in the same kind of position<br />

i feel the same way! i don't know if i'm completely straight or bi curious orr what?! message me if you'd like to chat about it! trust me, i understand how lonely it feels...even though there are tons of people feeling the same way i'm sure.

exactly! i know i like guys but there's something about girls too... idk ugh, i'll message you!

go for it...discretion and privacy are the key

Hi Belle<br />
I tried to send you a message, then I tried to write on your whiteboard, and it wouldn;t let me do eirther. Add me if you want to talk. Mwah