Confession Time..

I have been curious for a few years now.. It all started when me and my friends decided to goof off in a chat room. At first we messed with guys pretending we were going to cyber with all the pervs and what not. We all got a big laugh out of it. We than wondered if we could get another girl to think and react the same way the guys did. It wasn't as easy but we got a few to want us to play around with them. While doing this though I truly wondered what it would be like.. Later when my friends were gone I ended up chatting with a few nice girls who wanted to help me with the role playing experience. I ended up really caring for one of them. They sent me pictures even that got me excited and wanting them. However I stopped entering the chat rooms thinking it was just a phase and it was just so exciting because I was partly afraid to get caught. The thoughts of woman never truly left me though I occasionally catch myself looking at them for to long to be considered a glance. Lately it has gotten worse. I fantasize about making them ****** and to have my mouth on them in every way.. I have never even kissed another woman but it if the chance ever came I would be more than eager to have my mouth locked with theirs.. I have never expressed any of this to a friend or family member. I think I will keep it unknown to them until that opportunity arises and I know if i truly have a passionate attraction to women. Comment if you like if not that's ok to. This confession was for my own personal satisfaction.
BkrSabrina BkrSabrina
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Have things progressed since you posted this?

There's nothing wrong with testing the waters when you find the right person. It will help you determine the real you! Keep in mind that exploring that side of yourself does not mean you're "gay"; it simply means you're open-minded and sexual. :-)

This is helping me cope with my newfound curiosity. Be strong. Be fearless. Guide your desires responsibly and trust me, as I am writing this to you, I am writing this to me....lololol

Sounds like a rock and a hard place :/

I think you and I would get along I have felt the same way for a while. have never had the oppertunity to follow through with my feelings, but sure would be interest to see how it would feel if it ever become a possiblity. Would you like to chat about how this affects you on an emotional level I'm here.

I would love to chat with you anytime. I am not sure how its affecting me emotional. I try not to let it get to me.

you never know until you try, hun!

I bet you had pretty dirty thoughts about the whole idea. Now onto the action part.