I Think I Would Love To Try

I'm married to a wonderful guy but quite often I fantasize about being with another woman. Would love to know what that experience is like.
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As you know - most guys find two women together very hot as well! ;)

My wife had the burning desire to "try" being with another woman. It was a mutual friend of ours. I have to admit that there was quite a bit of wine involved to break the ice and free the inhibitions. Nevertheless, they enclosed themselves in a bedroom for about an hour. It was so erotic to hear them both moaning with pleasure from the other room. I was finally called into the bedroom where I was amazed at the most incredible sight of two beautiful naked bodies. My wife held my hand and rubbed it all over her friends body - while taking out my penis with the other. Without saying a word, she parted our friends legs and went down on her right in front of me. Amazing !!!! I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was incredible. Her friend was so turned on she was ******* over and over. I ended up ******* on her breasts. She and my wife then rubbed it all over themselves. Being with another woman is incredibly sensual - I say you should give it a try.

That is incredibly hot! Hope there have been many more encounters, with this friend or new friends!

trust me you've to try nothing is better than a woman to give pleasure to another one lol

It is wonderful. I don't know of any woman who has had the chance to really explore and be explored sexually with another woman who views it as a mistake.
My advice would be don't try to mix emotional connection and sexual discovery the first few times. Be honest with yourself and her that you are there to learn about sex with another woman. You already have a partner.

Is this something you would do on the side or would you let him know?

afraid it would have to be on the side :( I did broach it with him, even suggested a ********* - every mans fantasy, right? Wrong! He say's cheating is cheating no matter what.

Even though a FFM it's most guys fantasy, I know a lot of guys that wouldn't do it with a gf/wife. I would be ok with it, but I do have to admit it was strange, for a moment, watching my wife kiss someone else.

Great! So different than being with a man. Women are beautiful and soft and awesome!

you are gonna love it!!!

thank you Sarah xxx If i can get the opportunity (in real life) :)

lots of women want to be intimate with other women, even if just from time to time. There are probably women and girls you know right now who are lusting after you.

i would be glad to help u out

thanks for the offer - I am a bit nervious - and thanks for adding me as a friend. I enjoyed reading your stories.

it ok to be nervious message me if u want to talk about it i would love to get to know u better