Bi Curious Help Me....

Help me...I have no idea how to deal with this...does anyone know?
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It depends on how you feel ? do you want to resist it or do you want explore more ?

Me too!

is it just thought that you have or do you want them to become a reality?

Just follow it dear

To put it crudely - "Suck it and See ! "<br />
I think we all have these delicious, disjointed feelings.<br />
<br />
Its a case, as my mum used to say, of:<br />
Open your mouth, and shut your eyes, and see what God'll give yu !"<br />
<br />
Cheers<br />

A lot of us are naturally curious and that would explain partly your feelings for someone of the same sex. <br />
I would say that if you have someone in mind already then you probably are bi. If not then you're just curious and see if you want to take your fantasm further..

I wish I knew. I guess that's why I'm here though, to try and figure things out for myself by hearing about experiences of others. I keep hoping that someone out there has the answers - the magic key, so to speak.

I finally tried it. It was most enjoyable. Will probably not persue it as a lifestyle change, but am glad I finally got the nerve to experience it.

Trying it out oesn't mean it has to be casual sex. Why not try a relaionship with someone o the same sex first? Seriously, not everything is about having sex, you can find out if you're interested in sex without havng it, really

Just admit to yourself that you are curious... that it is OK... and if you want to explore it, do so... but BE CAREFUL. Use condoms and do a meet and greet thing first with someone if you wanna try it.

i'm trying to deal with it myself and so is 80% of people my age!!

I think the best way to start is to talk very dirty to that person. Maybe ********** over the phone and then take it from there. I really need someone to .fo that for me.