Not Sure What To Think

I knew my gf got turned on by two men having sex when we were first dating, but I never really took it seriously or thought her fantasies would make their way into our bedroom. They did though. She is very persuasive not to mention sexy, so eventually into our relationship she started using a strap-on on me (i loved it) and then she began arranging 3somes with a guy. She mainly watched and kinda directed it all, and I am surprised by how much i liked it and how easy it was to be with a guy. I even liked kissing him and sucking his c0ck. I'm a little weirded out and confused. We did it a few times and my gf doesn't seem to want to do it anymore, but I would honestly jump at the chance if she brought it up again. I have even started m*sturbating to the thought of those 3somes and i c*m so hard remembering certain things the guy did to me and i did to him. I dunno what is going on. I know I am straight, but i think i liked being with a guy too much...

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You just really enjoyed yourself. GOOD ! She got you started down this path but maybe now is having second thoughts of loosing you after seeing how much you enjoyed it. Reassure her that it is just very enjoyable sex and you want her to share it with you..

You are right hotwilly. Since writing my story, I feel better about things. I'm still taken aback by it all, but I'm not trying to understand it. I liked being with a man more than i thought I would and I want to do it again. I plan to tell my gf how I feel very soon, and I will just go from there :)<br />
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No Stevejohns I don't think of men or **** when ******* her. But I do think about it when i ********** and when i am alone. My fantasies are very vivid, and I always *** incredibly hard.

Do you think of **** when you're ******* her