Want A *********

so i've always thought that the female body is just perfect. men's body's are just made weird (but very useful). but recently ive been fantasizing alot about having a ********* with my boyfriend. I know i couldn't stand the idea of him touching another girl but i really want to. Ive been watching alot groupd **** lately too and when my boyfriend and i are in the act i imagine there is another person with us. does this make me bi? does it make me a lesbian? i've had a crush on on one of my girl friends forever. i always just really feel compelled to kiss her. is it just my attraction to her personality? or am i really attracted to women? i think i just really need to to get it done with and out of my head bc its driving me crazy. idk but the idea of c**ing while grinding on another woman or licking her just excites the hell outta me. but i'm definitely still attracted to my boyfriend and i love his d***  so i can't be lesbian. 


idk i couls use some guidance. should i just experiment without the bf or would that be extremely wrong? or should i get him in on it and risk the jealousy of him being near another naked woman? HELP!

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

You should try this out with your boyfriend. I've had several ********** with 2 girls over the years, they all enjoyed it and it was amazing for me. None turned gay but enjoyed the experience as they kept going at it with each other for a long time and as we lay in bed latter talking said how turned on they were.

It sounds like you are very bi curious. You may wish to try it and see what the experience is like. How would your bf feel, if you wished to try it the first time alone with a woman?. Then if it went well and you enjoyed it, include him.