My Boyfriend Says He Is Bi-curious

My boyfriend says he is bi-curious.  I am scared that he is a homosexual in denial.  He says he wants to be in a relationship with me, but I am afraid he is just in denial.  He says he is only turned on by thinking of a male sucking his penis.  I want to break up if he is gay, because I think he should do what he wants to do.  He says he wants to be in a relationship with me, but I'm not so sure.

Please anyone who has had a similar experience write me.


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<p>I'm bicurious male too. Started when I hit puberty. However, have found I have no interest in going GAY and getting into a relationship with a man, atleast not longterm.</p><p>The emotions are there for me but they don't last very long, and after they cycle through, the attraction to women is STRONG, far stronger than with a man. It is CLEAR to me I'm not 50/50 bi, or GAY.Maybe 75/25 Bi, or even 60/40. But when straight faze comes, I'm 95% or 100% straight, no dudes allowed, give me chicks!</p><p>I'm not sure where your boyfriend is, but he may be adventurous bi-curious, or something like that. If he is in his late 20's and still dating women for marriage, then I'd say he is more on the straight side of the equation. You just can't go that long in life without knowing for sure IMO.</p><p>What interests me the most is where you are? This whole thing seems foreign to you, so you must be Completely straight (1 on K-scale). If you weren't you might understand more.</p><p>I'm curious of people on different points on the scale marrying eachother. Gives me hope that certain attractions will work out. Like I could marry a Totally straight woman who would love me back.</p><p>Anyways, if he's just bicurious, he'll never leave you for a man, it will be for other reasons. I'd never give up a good woman who is bi/straight or whatever for a man, even if I had fantasies about men EVER! I'd have to be in prison for that.</p>If i do find the right woman, I'm telling her right off the bat about myself, especially if she's totally straight. She'll find out anyways, and she must accept that about me.<p>If I was you I'd talk to him and find out for sure!!!<br />
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<p>Good luck!</p>

HI Im a guy who is bi curious, in a straight relationship and done nothing about my bi side but would like to. I'm the same, I only fantasise about certain things, and definitely don't want to be in a gay relationship with a guy. <br />
It sounds like you're struggling with your situation a bit because (like so many people) you have a fairly "black and white" view to sex. that's no ones fault by the way, just the way people get brought up by parents and society in general. But in reality, like so many people on here keep saying; sexual orientation is NOT black and white. Hell, it isn't even constant! People actually become bisexual, and then change back over time to being fully straight. That's because sexual fantasies come and go and change as people get older. <br />
My other half knows I'm bi-curious and is totally ok with me fantasising about things but doesn't ever want me to do anything behind her back, which I wont. So one day we may experiment with getting another guy involved, for me not her, but then again, we may not.<br />
It's natural to feel nervous, and be worried about the strength of your relationship, but in relaity your relationship will probably be much much stronger if you keep the lines of communication open and even experiment together. <br />
Dont live your life scared... you do only live once!<br />

My boyfriend is also bi-cruious... only oral. Did you stay with this guy? Did you work it out? I'm very new as to how to handle this as well?

I am a male of 45, married and love my wife deeply, I am also Bi i came out to J*** 3 years ago which caused many problems for us, by keeping secrets she knows I will always love her to my last breth, but please sit down with your chap and have a good long talk, dont hold back on your thoughts or fears, if he truly loves you he will be honest with you, im not gay far from it im Bi and you must understand the differance, because it is complicated, I hope things go well for you.. xx