It Just Keeps Going

fist full hate. head full of madness. what the hell is going on? lost in my head is the sanity that once was. a feeling of self respect absorbed by self hatred. a biological map that has no significant direction. where am i going? how will i ever stop? my soul, a portal to dementia. maniac surprise for dinner. how does it taste? repulsive!  the hole in the pit of my stomach is never ending. forever growing,consuming me. soon there will be nothing but a mind. a mind stuck in an eternal bad dream.

biiggiig biiggiig
31-35, M
4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Yes, that is what it feels like and like your mind and body is constantly on the go. Your body feels intense all the time and a then comes the headaches due to no release. If you take your medicines a balance will come and then devote all the energy in the right direction. There are over 1.9 billion people which are bi-polar and some happen to be the richest in the world. The reason being they took their med's. Slow the thought process down and be able to redirect energy in a positive way.

fair enough. i wont pretend to understand something which i don't you know? ;)

(jumbomonkey)If your bipolar, that is not a good question. If we knew why wee felt that way, then it might have a better outcome huh??? Or maybe a better way of helping ourselves and others to help us as well. All we know is it is a chemical imbalance(so they say), could be more than that, who knows. All I know is those words could not have been said any better by me, Ifeel like that all the time.

Why do you think it is like that?