An Email Sent To A Female I Know Who Wants To Take Part

I have to tell you as there’s no one else at the moment I can tell... hahaha!

I subscribe to the website my nick is OhYesPlease. I have hooked up with this guy in his 40s, married, bi, about two times. Met him in this carpark on Brisbane Rd and sucked him off in my car.

Well this morning my housemate left for about 2 months overseas trip and I have the place ALL to myself.... feels weird, actually. Anyway.... this guy knew that today I have the place and messaged me on Squirt. He wanted to come over at 2:15 (originally at 4pm but he was extremely horny) and he wanted me to meet him at the door dressed only in black stay-up stockings, this pair of red lace g-string panties I have under my robe. He was then going for a shower and did. He came into my bedroom with the towel wrapped around his waist and I was lying on the bed. He lay down beside me, ran his hands up and down the black stockings on my legs and guided my head to his hard ****. Well after ******* him (so deep too !), 'making love' to both his feet and every toe .... laying on top of him and feeling his BIG hard **** rubbing my **** and pressing into my smooth stomach, kissing his neck, gently putting my tongue next to his ears, breathing so hot on his neck, my hands rubbing him all over and then he turned over and was reaching for a condom next to the bed, I took the condom from him and put it in my mouth (maybe I did this with you too?), moved down the bed very close to him to his VERY hard **** and slipped the condom down his big **** to his balls using only my lips and tongue. I then sucked him through the condom. He raised my head off his stiff **** and pulled me up to his lips and kissed me softly a few times, holding my chin while holding me tightly (oh gawd I felt so powerless, so totally submissive) in his hairy arms and chest and then deep with a passion with his wet lustful tongue finding mine. Wow! The breathing sounds between us both!! after maybe 10 PASSIONATE kisses, I raised up on him and lunged my hips and lubed man-***** up and down his **** holding his strong hands.... teasing him... inflaming a man's "Animal Lusts" (you know the ones I'm talking about when "nothing else matters or will get in the way of finding a hot, wet, tight pink hole he can stick it in and pump like a breeding stallion...NOW!!

He ordered me to get off after a few minutes of tease, grabbed a handful of my longish hair in each hand and pushed my head down his hairy chest to his ****. The latex of the condom was filling up with so much precum (I wanted to pull it off and be ordered to squeeze all this pre-*** out and to eat it off his bare **** and balls). He then said, "get up into a doggy position in the middle of the bed". I obeyed. I gathered all of the 6 pillows on the bed and cramped them under my waist and stomach so he had a perfect angle to **** me. I could also **** him back. I had a snort of Amyl and he entered me.... just a little. He took hold of my hips and forcefully (like a male animal would do) thrust that BIG and so VERY hard **** all the way in to me. (Thank god for the Amyl) He didn't stop or wouldn't stop or maybe it was… Couldn’t stop his hips pumping into me and the “force”! Sooooooo good! I could feel him so very very deep inside me and stretching my *****-hole every hump! I laid face down over the pillows and let him “take me”. He laid down on my back, put his arms under my arms and held tight onto my shoulders and I knew he was close to filling the condom. He didn’t stop for over 5 minutes though…. My hole was now moving with him… we were ******* TOGETHER!

My whole focus was his big **** ‘breeding’ me… like a ***** in heat, I started to moan, thrusting back as he pounded me.

Breathing deeply, I started to quietly beg him, “**** me! **** my *****! Oh god **** ME!”

I got louder; no one was in the house except us. “Baby! USE me! USE MY HOLE… Oh Honey! Baby! **** ME!”

Oh and he ****** ME!

He started to push his rock-hard **** ALL the way into me and hold it deep inside me… then raise up off my back and spread my legs with his legs... he reached up and put his hands on each of my shoulders... and then he pushed his **** into me sooo hard…. I could feel his tight full balls up against my crotch explode into me!!!

His breathing was soooo hot & horny… So ANIMAL! All the lovely muscles in his legs, stomach, thighs, feet, chest, arms and hands shook as he blew into me. He literally groaned and grunted as if his entire life just l spurted out of his ****. My GOD! I wished it could have been bareback! I would have loved to have felt his hot thick *** lubricate me inside my ‘*****’.

He relaxed for just a minute, breathing hard, (I could almost hear a ‘whimper’) and slowly pumped me… Squeezing every drop of his precious *** from his shaved balls.
After he got hold of his breath, he pulled his **** out of me, laid back on the bed and ordered me to gently remove the condom from his still semi-hard ****.

I carefully slide it off and he sat up against the headboard of the bed and in a very commanding voice, he demanded, “Squeeze ALL my *** out the condom onto my feet and toes, I want to see MY ***** lick it ALL off! Clean my feet with your tongue!”. Oh, it was so HOT! I took the condom and emptied all its warm contents onto the top of his right foot. The pungent *** dripped into his toes and I quickly licked it and tongued between his toes hoping not to miss even one drop of his *****. Mmmmmm! I had his *** all over my lips and I could taste the slippery sweetness. Mixed with the clean smell and flavour of his feet and toes wasn’t enough for him…. He told me to put the whole used condom in my mouth and extract it all. I obeyed his command. I was in heaven. The taste of his fresh ***, the condom latex and my own man-***** was a taste that made me feel very proud I could satisfy his somewhat sadistic orders.

He kissed me passionately, stood up from the bed, bent over and told me to tongue his tight pink ******* as he put on his shirt…. He got dressed and told me he will be back later in the week for more.

I can smell him, still taste him and am waiting to pleasure him again.
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I have been wanting to suck off another man for a while now, but never got the proper opportunity. There is a guy who lives about an hour away and we are trying to link up. He is suggesting a car park which is about half way between us. This sounds good to me, but am wondering..<br />
Is it not a bit awkward to do this in a car? Would not the steering wheel get in the way? Is there a chance of other people noticing? What do I do if I find him or his penis not attractive to me?<br />
What if he wants to suck me too? At my age, I occasionally can't get hard for my woman. What if he can't get hard? Is it still enjoyable to suck a soft penis?