I'm Engaged At 14 ...

I'm trish, & I'm happily engaged to my bf of almost 5months Alec <3 this was a total shock to me when he gave me the ring at the end of January . It has changed both of our lives completly. Yes there was drama from people at both our schools. People said & did rude things but he always says "us against the world babe" & I believe him. We've been through so much since September 29th 2011 . We'be been through one "break" that didn't last long. He called & said he couldn't live with our me & that it was stupid of him to say we needed a break. It made us stronger. That was back in November that we had are break & we are still together ! He is my longest relationship & still is going. same for him also. I believe this is true love & I don't care what anybody says about us. My mom loves us together & so does his family!:) I love him so much that I don't know what I'd do with out him& I know he feels the same way.. So this is just a story to prove that there is hope for young true love(:<3
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That's a great story and I wish you two the best, but I don't know what that has to do with being bi lol

Lol I didn't know how to use this site st the times.. &amp; we broke up..lol

Sorry to hear that:(