Yep, I'm Bi

I'm bi. I've only recently discovered this about myself. I haven't told my family but that's okay, there's no need to upset them at this point in time. I'm just exploring my sexuality more and more and I don't think my family needs to know about all that. If I ever get to a point where I am in a relationship with a man that's a different story and I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, but for now I know and some of friends know and that's okay for the moment.
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Scott, My goodness. What a healthy group of responses to your honest comments. Listen to them. They are right. Be happy. Be private. Be bisexual, gay, hetero or whatever you want to be. Just be........<br />

My ex-wife and I are still great friends. We help each other as we can through life. (It is tough sometimes) I have considered myself bi for most of my life. I have only pursued the other side a few times. Recently my ex-wife asked me privately about this and I told her.<br />
I have dealt with drug and alcohol issues throughout my adult life and have been clean almost a year. She told me that she didn't want me to feel like I was alone in this. Nobody else in my life knows except her.<br />
I feel fortunate to have such a good friend that felt enough compassion for me that she would let me know that she is OK with it. I have no intention of telling anyone else but it did make life a little easier .

It took me two years to tell my wife that i was bi. She still loves me for me. Bi and all. My sister is also bi so my family already understands. So be you n be happy with who YOU are

As far as I’m concerned the only people that need to know your sexual preferences are the people you have sexual relations with. I doubt your family members qualify and if they do, that’s probably another group. Who knows this may be temporary and you’ll get everyone all wound up for nothing. I’ve had male and female roommates for years that I had no sexual relations with. Nobody needs to know your personal business unless you want them to know. If you do tell your family, remember there is no delete key.

Ditto on what everyone else said. It is your business. Congrats on the self discovery and don't worry about revealing anything to anyone that you don't want to reveal. Your privacy rights come first in my opinion.

As long as your happy with it be your self!

"Know thyself & to thyself be True." be Happy.