:'( He's Gone!

All of you may or may not know I'm in love with my best friend from school.
But he has gone back to his old school. His evil father made him cuz he was caught
sneaking out of his house. His dad doesn't know about me loving his son like this.
He had been seeing a girl he paid a family friend to drive him to her house. On top of
everything he has been sexting! I'M PISSED NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I can still see him cuz I'm
trying to arrange it now.
Wilnara Wilnara
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 30, 2011

I know what thats like im bi also i was in love with my best friend back 7th grade he was first love i loved him so much i always there for him but then he started talking behind my back but i hope it works out for you.

ooh.. well that's pretty ****** up.. wait, he made him go back to his old school only because he was caught sneaking out? that's just sick. good luck, I hope you'll see him :)