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How i became bisexual.

Ever since i was about five, i loved to play doctor. I was always interested in my body, and i wanted to see if others bodies were a like. I mostly played doctor with my best friend, who was a boy. We were both interested, and curious. I must say, it was a fun time. But once, when i was about 10, i me this girl, and she was much older then me. Maybe 13, or 14. & i used to sleep over at her house all the time, and one night. she slept over at my house. & my cousin was sleeping over. & we all went in my closet & played house. My cousin was the baby, i was the mom, and she was the dad. after we put my cousin "to bed" she started kissing me, tongue and all. I didn't really know what to do, so i just kissed her back. & i liked it. A LOT. and ever since then, i thought it was normal o like girls, i just never told anyone. In 8th grade, i got my first girlfriend. & it was a blast.(: to this day, we are still "in love" but we have broken up, and went out, several times. & finally we just decided to be friends. Maybe when we are older we will try again. (: Buttt, i came out about three months ago, and all my friends and people at school were supportive, and nice about it. & my parents were very understanding... But i think that if i never would of met that girl when i was ten, i wouldn't like girls. So i don really believe in the whole "i was born this way" theory. Is there anyone else who came about being bi like this?
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I don't really agree with you, if you are Bi-sexual you were always destined to be so. I don't believe it is 'nurture' rather than .nature' .

Sometimes we go through life being quite content with what we have and simply not need any one else than who we have found, so we always remain ignorant of being Bi. It can take a, shall we say, a situation, that forces us to reconsider.

In your case it was simply a matter of meeting a girl that you liked before you had any boyfriends. For many, it happens when we are married and going through a bad time with our spouse or as in many cases a sexless marriage.

When we start looking elsewhere that we find things that we did not expect.

If you look on ep you wioll find thousands of people that found there bi side late in life.

I have always ever since I can remember interested in females and now I do think I love other woman more then men allthough you do need a real good stiff **** every now and then !!<br />
there is nothing better than another womans soft tender touch on my body and to feel her sweet warm naked body against mine,holding eachother tightly and kissing I truly believe only another woman really knows how and where to touch another woman to give her the pleasure she craves

I think the same goes for men. We have a need for a much firmer touch than a women and i get quite frustrated with my wife when she touches me tenderly. It simply is not what turns me on.

Thats why i think men make better lovers for men.

Agree. I don't believe the theory, neither. I discovered that I was bi-cuious when I was 17, but not sure. After met a girl on (a dating club), I finally find out the truth.