I Am Really Bi Sexual, Not Something To Get Your Attention.

i have been attracted to both sexes since i was a young girl. ive engaged in sexual and emotional relationships with girls when i was a teen into my early 20s as well as guys.
i didnt tell much people of my sexuality, because most ive told ended up entertaining the idea of me being some kind of nympomaniac, or they went on to tell strangers who abused me, or wanted me to hook up with girls for their entertainment.
some people have tried to tell me i was sinning, and selfish.
i just love both sexes, how wrong is that? i love the roughness and being the submissive one in a male female relationship. but i love the softness and the emotional connection with a female.
i find women extremely comforting to be around, making love with a woman feels right, as much as a man.
i cant stand some girls who get drunk and snog eachother for men. they kind of put us "real" bi sexuals into a box labeled "****".  i was born this way, not just decided that i wanted to make men excited by playing out their fantasies.
right now i am in a relationship with a man, who satisfies me in every way. he knows i am bi sexual. he has no problem ( of course) but he knows i have boundries and will not entertain him with a *********, or even a little show with another girl.
i guess im just saying is that to be bi sexual is hard for some to understand. we neither are selfish or a nympho. we are blessed to see and experience the best of both worlds and we are not here to be someones fantasies.
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i have been with women in long term relationships in the past, but now im with a man. i havent been with a woman for almost three years now.

i see. do you ever crave one?

i do agree with you. when i was young my first crush was a woman but as i was growing up i was surrounded by my family where women are only for men. and so up until my early thirties i was with relationships with men but i liked the outdoor life and has been among male friends as well.i have been used to getting along with them appreciating beautiful, sexy woman but never thought about it until i feel madly in love with a woman.from then on i have searched myself and realised that there are things between both worlds that i love. some people would think being bi is simply playing safe and undecided but i suppose they just cant understand it coz its different.

so are you with a woman now? have you been with one?

interesting story. i think the ones making out in public get more of a high out of the attention than they do out of any sex at all.