My First Real Bi Experience

i walked into the weight room at the end of the gym the music was blasting. i walked over to my friend katlenn and pulled her off of some equippment and she started dancing then this dirty song came on and we started dirty danceing together . at this time in my life i had no idea i was bi and this was just a funny thing to do with friends but something about the way she was realy getting into it made me kinda hot for her so i turnd around and put my hands on her waist and when the song ended i pushed her down onto the bench and sat on top of her and i was about to kiss her when a teacher walked i quickly jumped off and we pretended to talk .. we started talking about how we felt about eachother and eventualy came to the conclusion that we where both bisexual. when the bell finaly rang to go get changed out of our work out cloths we both where so wet. we ran into the locker room and went into one of the showers. we made out for a while and i started to undress her. she stoped me at her bra and said she wanted to save those for a special time and i moved down i took off her pants and started to rub her ***** she was sooooo wet. i moved back up to kiss her and the bell rang we quickly got dressed and walked back into the highschool holding hands. sorry for my terribe spelling hope you liked it
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Feb 12, 2012