I have known that I was Bi for a while now, I really do believe that I was born this way and there is nothing worng with it. I have accepted it . I can remeber how I felt so werid to be around the girls that I liked I was scared that I might be looked at as a freak if I had told anyone so I didnt. I had tried things with other girls that wasnt from where I lived, I didnt want my family to know, everytime i was with a girl it felt wrong but right at the same time. Everything changed when my best friend Kate kissed me, we were sitting in the park and she told me that she loved me. I thought she meant as a friend so i said i love you too. She took me by the hand and told me that the love she felt towards me was more than just friend love. When she said that I felt so relieved that she felt the same way that I felt about her. I always looked at her when she undressed in front of me, and I loved what I saw but I also loved her personality. When she leaned in to kiss me I felt the butterflies in my stomach. It wasnt the first time I had been with another girl, but I never felt this way before, I knew it was love.Like every love story that feeling faded away, and we drifted apart. I never really was open about my sexuality to the people that lived near me or knew my family, and I still havent. I hide all of my relationships with women from everyone.
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I am so sorry that you feel the need to hide it from the ones you love. :(
I told my dad right away and it was no big deal but that's just cuz my dad's cool like that. Not everyone is gifted with an understanding family...

xoxo Mo

i think it is wonderful you sharing your story. anyone in life who gives you a hard time in life just becuz your bi is someone not worth knowing! i am personally not bi, but my mom is lesbian. i was teased and taunted over that so i learned not to tell anyone. but then i realized they are not really my friends if they are acting like this towards my mom. so i think u shouldnt have to hide it. let it out. be urself and anyone who has a problem with it can go to hell because u r ur own person!!!

I know what you mean I have tried very hard to hide all the relationships I have had with women but Im coming to a point where the depth of my love is so great that I can hardly keep it inside me when she looks at me Im just melting. Plus she so wants me to out myself it frightens me, the main source of disagreement that rises between us is because of how hard it is for me to be open about what we feel. Shes always giving me special treatment I feel so exposed sometimes!!!

I know how you feel. I had the same experience with my best friend. Unfortunately he started getting into hard drugs and I was not into that. We drifted apart because of that. I still miss him till this day. I found out that he cleaned up because he was going to loose his child if he didn't. I've tried calling him but he never called back. The only other close person that knows I'm bi is my wife and won't accept that side of me. Hopefully if you are lucky you will find a person that accepts you for you. Good luck!

Your wife wont accept it? Oh my goodness. That is the saddest thing. :(
Personally, I find bisexuality in both men and women extremely hot. I wish people were more open minded about that stuff. I am truly sorry for your experiences. I hope things get better!!!

xoxo Mo