Snow Bound

It was just after Christmas. My wife and young family were about an hour away at her best friend's home. My schedule did not allow me to go since I had spent the day at work and I had just returned home before a major snowstorm hit. It was about hour two into the storm. There was about 6 inches of fresh powder outside, and I had a fire warming the livingroom and the Christmas tree was still casting a nice glow into the room. I had all of the electric candles still blazing in the windows and sat with a cup of tea in my hand watching the traffic slowely work its way up and down the hill my home is built on. My wife had called and she stated she decided to stay the night at her friend's house so I was on my own for the rest of the night. Since I had a window of opportunity, I decided It would be a good night to treat myself to some ****. I had gone to the attic to the nondiscript box to the non marked tape I had acquired. I brought it back down to the first floor and popped it into the VCR and settled in for some visual stimulation. Just then, I was startled by the doorbell.

Startled, I stopped the video and headed to the kitchen door. I turned on the light and there on my side porch was what looked like a kid. I opened the door and poked my head out into the storm. "Hey, man, sorry to bother you but my car is having some major trouble and I dont think it is gonna climb this hill." said the very young looking shape from under a heavy parka. "Hold on", I said and went in, grabbed my snow boots, my coat, hat and gloves. I Stepped out into the night and got blasted by the north wind and snow. "Thanks said the voice again, "I don't know what is wrong with it." As I approached the car at the end of my driveway. It was a small car with a snowboard strapped to the roof rack. The driver said he was coming back from the mountains from two days of snowboarding. He and his college buddies decided to try to beat the storm but his car was having problems and the others had continued not knowing he was in trouble. Cell phones were not common during the early 90s.

I got in the car and tried to start it and if fired but when I put the subaru in gear, It bucked and coughed and soon stalled. It was a very cold night, in the low teens and I assumed he was dealing with a frozen gas line. I told him what I though it was but then had to break it to him that I did not have any gas antifreeze and the nearest store was too far to attempt in the storm. I suggested we try to get the car off the road and into my driveway so that it would not get plowed in by the state trucks. Luckily, the snow banks had not built up very high and we were able to get it into the driveway deep enough.

I invited him in to figure out what we were going to do so he followed me to the house. On the way I kept thinking, This kid is in college? He doesnt even look old enough to drive a car!. Inside we both ******** out of our heavy snow clothes. I pointed out the bathroom which he appreciated and quickly went in to ****. When he came back out I brought him into the living room to get warm by the fire. He was at a loss. He did nt know what to do. He was heading to his home another two hours away. The storm would make that time more like 6 hours. I offered my phone for him to call someone and he thanked me. While he called his folks, I was sizing up my guest. He was perhaps 5'2" , 140 pounds built pretty solid, stocky but by no means fat. He had very dark hair, almost black and he had a slight growth of a thin beard and mustach also quite dark. His hair was cut short and his eyebrows were very defined. He looked Italian in decent.

His name was Chase and I could tell his mother was worried about him. Eventually I asked him if I could talk to her. He handed me the phone. I told her who I was, my address and I let her know that Chase was going to stay the night with me because he cannot continue on the road and I would not let him freeze outside. She thanked me and seemed to settle in with the reasurrance that I was not a crazy country hick about to deflower her little boy. . . Or was I?

After he hung up, I asked him if he would like to take a hot shower and then have something to eat. He like that idea so I took him up the stair to the bathroom. Got him a towel and showed him how the shower worked and told him I would look for some night clothes for him. He thanked me and shut the door. I found some flannel pants and a tee shirt for him and placed them on the sink and let him know they were there. I then went back down stairs and grabbed the rest of the pizza I had that afternoon and put them in the oven. I found some beers in the fridge in the cellar and brought them up. I then went into the Living room and shut off the video player just in case. 15 minutes later, Chase was back on the first floor smelling the warming pizza and I popped open a beer and handed him one. He took it and I grabbed one as well. I pulled the pizza out of the oven and gave him a plate. We went into the living room and sat in the two chairs that flank the fireplace.

"I really appreciate this, you are going above and beyond." he said while chewing. "Hey, its my pleasure, at least I have someone to hang with on a stormy night. My family is stuck at a friends house too." We chatted into the evening. One beer became two became three. We watched the snow build up on the deck and in the driveway and notice that the subaru was nearly covered and gone. He was a science major in college and talked about how he always looked much younger than what he actually was which was 22. "Yeah, I would have never guessed you were 22, you could be almost 14 if you did not have fur on your face." He giggled and his giggle was like a nervous laugh. I pressed on a bit, offering something harder than beer. "I 'v got some Jack Daniels somewhere, are you game?" Sure was his answer. We chatted some more. He had a girl friend but she was more of a **** buddy than a companion. Eventually the subject of **** entered the conversation and I laughed and said, "hell, I was watching **** just before you rang my door bell." "Really, he said,"well put it on, guy!" So I turned around and pushed play on the VCR. There we were, two drunk guys watching **** in the midst of a major snow storm. It was great!

As the jack began to dwindle, inhibitions did as well. I decided i was going to test the waters a bit. I began rubbing my bulge that was pushing against my jeans. I could see him steal some looks. After a short while, I see Chase adjust himself in his flannel pants I provided. Eventually, I began to comment on the visuals on hand. "Holy ****, can you imagine ******* them? ****, how can these guys hold out so long?" "I don't know, guy, I couldn't." Then I decided it was time to go a bit further. "****, man, I can't handle this any more" and I started really rubbing my hard ****. He looked over and said, "yeah, I know what you mean" and he began rubbing his not stiff pole that was pusing hard up. I took it further and started to unzip. Within seconds, my 7 inch cut **** was now out of its confines, wet with precum drool. Chase looked over and seemed to like what he saw, eventually, the fly of the flannel pants was open and his **** was poking through. I kept the tension up. "I love ******* to ****, how about you?" "yeah, I do too" I pulled my jeans down, exposing my hole **** and balls. Within a few minutes he did the same. I persisted: "Nice ****, guy" Thanks, yours is pretty good too." I stood up and got close to his chair and let him look at it closely. Still *******, he watched with huge eyes, knowing we were about to cross the line of no return. I reached down and took his hand (non ******* hand) and placed it on my shaft. He began stroking my at once. "Oh yeah, Nice, chase, I moved to his front and reached down and began pulling on his five inch ****. "MMMMM that is nice" I then knelt down and took his **** into my mouth. Chase leaned back and enjoyed the feeling as I sucked him hard.

"Oh yeah, I cant ******* beleive you are sucking me too. **** that feels so ******* great." I took his **** out and lifted it to lick his hairy balls. He began to squirm. I picked his legs up and found his boy hole with my toungue. "OHHHH ****! that feels Fantastic, Oh ****. that is nice." MMMMMMM, I purred and I pulled him onto the floor in front of the fireplace. Then he pulled me up and suddenly his tongue was in my mouth and he was tasting his own ***. He got on top of me, pushing his pants down and grinding himself on me. I was reaching around and pulling his cheeks apart and fingering his hole. He began working his way down my chest, pushing up my shirt and sucking and nibbling my nips, then down my abs to my ****. He took me in but couldnt get it all in. Then he licked my balls as well and then started ******* my **** wildly. "****, guy, you are soo hot! I am so glad your car broke down here!" "I think the luck was mine!"
Then I realized I was not going to hold off my volcano any longer."Oh, ****, I'm Gonna blow, man!" and Chase covered my **** with his mouth, still ******* as I squirted my seed into his open mouth and have it drain back down onto my ****. He used it to add as lube still sucking me till the after glow was spent. But now it ws his turn. I swallowed his **** and began fingering his *** while blowing him. It didnt take long. "Yeah, dude, Suck it! Oh Yeah FUCKKKKK!!!" He shot his hot *** into my tonsils and I swallowed it down but kept a bit more on my tongue and moved up to kiss him, sharing his *** with him. We collapsed in each others arms and held each other for what seemed like hours, even though it was only 15 minutes. We cleaned up and I took him up to my room where we shared my bed. The next morning we blew each other again, took a common shower and I fed him eggs and bacon before we went out to clear the driveway. I got him on his way but not before he gave me a huge open mouthed kiss while rubbing my ****. He said he plans on returning again. I just hope the family is stranded an hour away!
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