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*Chukling to myself* I just had a funny light-bulb moment in my bathroom now. As I was doing my morning facial-routine ( and NO! you my horny beloved like-minded pervets of EP NOT that kind of facial though in truth prefer those ;-D) I caught my reflection and thought God I'm sexy thank you coz it helps to drip with sex appeal when you are a nymphomaniac like I am ( imagine a guy shutting his eyes close through-out whilst banging you! Hell No! my victim better keep his eyes on me- I like that) I regress! getting back to the story at hand my focus fell to what I wore to bed last night ( and now don't you get excited nothing sexy about them!) male boxer short ( I adore them) and a super-tight grey cami and over that a black tight t-shirt.... my outfit got me thinking about EP and I burst out laughing from wondering if actually there is a group/experience for woman who "like" male underwear? Because **** me silly I love them alot and mind you it's nothing sexual nor is it a fetish, I just find them comfortable to lounge in and the extra **** and ball space in front gives my usually nearly always wet ***** ample breathing space and for me that's heaven.

So, seeing that there are alot of guys who enjoy wearing female underwear ( I have a "thing# for such men by the way ;-)!) why then not a group for women like me who love wearing male undies ofcoz for me it's just to lounge in and sleep in but when I have to do the deed with my man I go all goddess coz that's me. I'm talking suspenders blah blah blah! This is worth thinking about I think.

But then it could stem from the fact that I have a bad case of PENIS ENVY!
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You are a hoot! - I think you really really love being different...matter of fact, I do too, so whatever you want to wear to bed is cool..except that on you it's gonna be ******* hot

I laughed out loud at your style of writing...so light hearted...You're a breath of fresh air.

Thank you my Rose <3

And by the way I bet you look damn sexy in your lingerie am I right? Im sure of it xoxo

You didn't say what type of underwear you like i can see a woman in a pair of boxers but not the briefs!! Just me but love to see women wearing cotton bikini panties the ones that hug her *** so nice and have little prints or poka-dots!! Soooooooooooo hot!!

definitely boxer girl Iam.