Sucking **** ;)

I love sucking ****!! The soft velvety shaft growing in my wet hot mouth.....I love teasing my man starting off slow and just barely sucking and licking him until he is rock hard.....lightly licking the tip then taking his hard rod all the way down my throat....feeling his **** throb in my throat mmmmmmm amazing....sucking him harder and faster.....sucking his balls....licking him everywhere until I feel him release his hot sweet *** down my throat ;)
Mariespinkpussy Mariespinkpussy
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22 Responses May 8, 2012

Wow ! you seem so very talented! mmmmm

I love to suck ****, and take all I can down my throat. When a man **** I want it in my mouth so I can really feel him shooting, and I can taste all of it. I also want to experience a woman which has not happened yet.

hmm... you make that sound so good

great story, it makes my **** twitch just like your sucking my ****.

you certainly have a way with words that sends the mind to fantasizing

He is a very lucky man. If you ever feel the need to practice..............

Marie, you are making me wonderfully hard. Thank you so much.

You are both very lucky! :D

Lucky man. Wish I was there.

Gotta love someone who loves to suck like you do. I can tell you enjoy it by the way you described it. But what makes it even better is that not only do you finish him in your mouth but you swallow it all down. That's amazing. If more women realized how much men like, want and need this then there'd be less men looking outside for it.

darlings you decriebe that so well ,thought you was sucking mine :) keep up the good work

Do you know what you caused me to have? Yep, now I gotta go back to work.

WOW you got me rock hard just thinking of feeling you do this, you are welcome to my **** anytime your warm eager mouth desires. LOL Your hubby is a lucky man, I too love it when my wife is in a **** sucking mood as she'll go nice and slow and tease the hell out of my ****.

Such a **** tease. I love it!!!!

I love a woman that enjoys sucking ****. It's so very hot

very nice short story - short and sweet . I guess I'm bi-curious . Haven't had a **** in my mouth yet or my mancunt either - but your story does sound inspiring and fun sexy too... I think my visits to the adult video store will pay off someday and I will get my fantasy fullfilled; as well as my eager mancunt hole and of course I will try your technique on my first willing shaft as well

That was an awesome post !! I'm locked in chastity, so reading that amazing post has me squirming in sexual frustration, and I'm helpless to satisfy myself. Blue balls from your story :)

always nice when a woman loves what she does

Damn...I'd love to experience that! Meet me in Lansing someday?

mmmmmmmmmm you have getting hard just thinking of it.. love to feel your lips as they engulf me and take the precum from it eye. sliding deeper down your mouth mmmmmmmm

Mmmmm I wanna do it too!!!

though a married man i am mad about suckin manly tools. just luv it.