She's Got A Good Grip On My Heart.

I guess i found out i was bi when i had this huge crush on my neighbor in 5th grade. Her name was Corrina, and she was one of the most amazing girls ive ever met. i loved her like no other throughout 5th and 6th grade but it was all over when she went off to high school. we stopped talking. 7th, and 8th grade went by along with more major crushes. 7th grade: Devina and 8th grade: Ashley. Sadly my friendship with each of those amazing girsl had to end shortly.

Now it's almost the end of my Freshman year, and there's this new girl who has had my heart all year long. Her name is Brittney. I can't even bear to be away from her. Seeing her at school, having 6th hour with her and walking her to 7th hour is the highlight of my day, everyday. I've only hung out with her once outside of school, but its a memory ill hold forever.

She makes me so confused though. Or maybe im just too gullible? Sometimes i believe that she would like me back. She doesnt know i like her. she doesnt even know im bi. I almost went crazy over Winter Break, which is two weeks, because i couldnt see her. And what's sad is that me and her are barely friends. And it broke my heart when she told me about her new boyfriend that she still has today. I have a boyfriend too, but when i tell him i love him i dont mean it as much as i would mean it to Brittney.

After i found out about her boyfriend i tried to get over her. And i basically did, but she's starting to crawl back into my heart. And im afraid ill barely see her or talk to her again after Freshman year ends. What if we dont have the same classes anymore?

I just want to be with her, i want to hold her in my arms and i want to kiss her. I want to give her pleasure, i want to make her as happy as she makes me happy. But it seem like a possibility that's too far out of reach. It feels like another 'friendship' that will have it's short endings. Just like all the other ones i had.
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Same as my story

super like for the last para