It's Been So Long!

My desire for women keeps growing stronger and stronger. Sometimes its so strong I wonder if I'm more on the lesbian side than I think. I'm nervouse because it's been years since I've done anything, but I am truly ready for a summer fling. I guess I'm on a mission to find her, and once I do- LOOK OUT!
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

Princess, while no one can know your primary sexual orientation but yourself, I'd say that the reason you think you are obsessing (you are not, by the way) is because you don't fulfill it. It's a normal process. The last time I had a sexual encounter with a woman was in 2009 and I miss it! I meet someone I still want very badly in 2010 but didn't happen, and every time I think of her I get so aroused! Hugs!

Ma'am I know how you feel, good luck on your quest.