I Let My Curiosity Get Away From Me And Cheated On My Wife With A Man

I met a guy oncraigslist and instead ofcluing my wife in, or involving her like normal, i went behindherback and fooled around w a man. Ive never done that before, and i cant help but want to do it again. Whats wrong w me? My wife isjust as freaky as i am and isall for new experiences as long as we are together and onthe same page. she embrases my wild side and we can talk about anything....until this. finally told her lil bits and pieces, i thought it wouldve been no big deal. Wrong. I been keeping this secret too long. She was understanding and curious at first, but i just couldnt bring myself to tell her all the details. she wanted to know but i just changedsubject, or triedto. I cant figute out why shes ok w it one min, and crying the next. She should b happy i told her anything at all. Oh and shes pregnant w our 3rd child, maybe its just hormones is why shes getting upset i idont know. 10years together, i hope i havent ****** it up.
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

She is upset because she sas embraced your freakynside and now suddenly you are acting weird, clamming up, not sharing what you did and she feels like you are keepig a secret, nd since she has been as freaky as you, she is worried now that maybe you found somebody else, and wont tell her....<br />
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And being pregnant makes her feel less desirable to start with.<br />
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Just tell her.

Oh dear!<br />
Hugs<br />