I want to blow a guy sooooooo bad. Get on my knees and just let him jam himself inside me where i can keep it forever. I want to suck as he screams my name and nibble just a bit. I want him to shootthe biggest load he ever had. I want **** in my mouth
Dirtysexwithconverse Dirtysexwithconverse
18-21, M
4 Responses May 12, 2012

Thankfully my loving s-lut wife can't get enough of sucking my c-ock, at times I just have to say no, I cannot handle any more. Let me rest and reload my b-alls with hot c-um, then it is all your's dear..... Jim & Jenny....

.hmmmmmm.... tatz a gud thnkng....

turned me on ohhhhh

I just know your dreams will *** true one day! :P