Needed A Bisexual Dirty Talking Buddy.

I'm going to be honest, I get a lot more satisfaction and more turned on when thinking about having sex with a.woman so I really would like to find someone to talk dirty too on here.

I'm up for anything at all, and you can be any age at all.
Pictures/videos i'd happily send!

Get in touch as i'm super super horny.
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16 Responses May 18, 2012

Im just the same,i love dirty talk especially anything to do with ***.Its a fetish i have.
pls contact me

I'm very bi curious and also looking for a fun open chat if your interested I would love to see what we have in common:)

Hit me up. My hubby and our GF will gladly chat u up.

I feel the same way. Check out my pics; I just added some new ones today :)

Feel free to add me as well.

bisexual... that is turning me on. add me n the we will talk

sounds like fun :)

just keep sharing with us, we would love to read about your next female lover

if you ever want a guy to talk to hit me up i love talking dirty and pleasing

hi sweety, even i would like to talk dirty can we have a chat.

Baby I would to talk with you

I sent you a pic just add me on messenger but that is exactly what I am looking for too!

hi can you add me? ^^ I want to be your friend

I have told my Bi GF that i have no issue with her having relationships with other women I realise there are things she can only get from a female mind/body/soul. She hasn't thus far but who knows whats around the next corner. Bravo, you know what you like and you know where to get it. Good luck.

Two girls can have a ver special relationship in and out of the bedroom, but i personally found that my best sexual experiences have come from being with a girl. <br />
Thank goodness I found that out.

good luck !