I Hide A Secret Everyday..

So as it says Im Bi thats right i like girls and guys..but the secret is i feel kinda happy when i date girls because their the same sex as you and understand more..but i hide it from my family .. all my friends know but my mom and well some family knows but not my mom she said she would dis own me so it scares me...ya no? i do wish i had someone tht was a girl to talk to tht is bi and had the same situation? please... message me ?
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

i was living the same nightmare...until the day came that i just didn't give a **** anymore, and started living my life for me...a lot of people dropped away (good), and a whole new friends took their places...hang in there, baby...pls check out my profile and contact me if you want to talk...i have skype if you do - nice.abs1313...peace

It was easy to tell my mom, because her mom was a lesbian so she's understanding of this kind of thing. It was hard to tell my best friend though. She comes from a very religious family and she would make gay jokes all the time. But when I told her she was actually very understanding! Feel free to message me if you wanna talk (: