Lesbian, or Bi?

I am a bit confused about my sexuality, but I'm pretty sure I'm bi.
I find myself quite frequently thinking about girls, fantasizing about them. 
I want to find someone to sexually explore with, but I don't know any girls I am attracted to.
I want to make this clear now, I am trying to keep this mature and philosophical.
I just want to be able to do this with a girl. I'm 13 turning 14, are these feelings bad?
I am having very strong sexual feelings about girls. I fantasize about female celebrities.
Emily Browning, Kristen Stewart. I would do nearly ANYTHING to meet Emily, wow.
I want to caress a girl, kiss her lips, stare into her eyes. I am confused.
I don't know what to do, I really want to have a girlfriend, be able to sexually explore. 
But I think I'm too young to start exploring, even that I now have a sense what I'm doing.
If there are any bi teenage females out there whom can relate, feel free to message me.
And that's not nessasarily in a sexual way either, just want to know someone I can relate too.
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I don't think it's bad or wrong that you want to explore. When I was around your age I started having those exact same feelings. I wanted to kiss a girl SO BAD, pretty much like I would have done anything for a kiss. A lot of people will say that you can't know for sure that you're bi/gay unless you've fooled around with someone of your gender, but that's so untrue. Either way, I'm here for you if you want to talk about it. Best of luck with everything.

Same! I'm getting really strong urges to just go up and kiss someone. It is untrue, although I have fooled around more than once with someone of my gender.
Thanks, same to you.

hey hun, don't be scared to explore (: x

Hehe, thanks :) x

hey hun, don't be scared to explore (: x

Your totally Bi. You may also be pansexual (google it, long story, that's what I am). Just know that there are laws and you should heed them. Break this to others slowly, I should know as do all my friends, that coming out is not all that easy.

Yeah, I think I am, lol. Lol! Yes, I don't plan on doing anything stupid, I don't even know anyone to do anything with, lol. I don't know if I will. Thank you alot :)

your absolutely welcome. always nice to have someone in the same boat =) wish you were my age sheesh but im not gonna go there.lol

I agree, haha. Lol! :)

Wow you are just like a Mini me. I also experienced with guys and girls at a young age and went through this stage. I believe my love you are Bi but whatever you do, make sure that whoever you are going to explore with is someone in your age bracket (under 18) so that the one you care about does not get into trouble should it be found out.

Lol! Yeah, it's good to have someone to relate to. Definitely, I will. Thank you, it really helps! :)

Ok, so I commented on this before and deleted it because I changed my mind, as I often do.<br />
uh, hell yeah you should explore. You sort of are already. Go and find a girl! <br />
I'm kinda in the same position. But I want to get really good at working my own body before I start on someone else's. Cu's ive had sex with one girl and yeah, it was fun, but I didn't know what the hell to do and that was frustrating.<br />
I don't think its bad or good. I just know I do fantasize and don't really see a reason not to....

I never realised, lol. Same here! I have had a sexual experience with another girl, when I was younger. SAME, lol. Thanks! P.S, Good luck to you to! :D

You should get a girlfriend and explore these feelings if they are so strong, I wish you luck in finding out

Thanks. Luck is finding her, lol. :)

Lol, all right, explore them

Lol, no-one to explore! Haha :P