I Am Bi

I had my first sexual encounter with another guy when we were both 12. I sucked his ****. In fact I sucked his **** on several occasions but early on I could not make him ***. Many other times we had little privacy so I could only suck & lick it quickly. One time he had me so excited I came in his mouth very quickly and watched his face as he swallowed my ***. I so wanted to return the favor but heard footsteps and the basement door open. I never got to suck his **** again. I asked but he said no.
I began to visit adult video arcades when I was 18 and one late night spent an hour in a booth naked with another sexy young guy. We kissed passionately, tongues intertwining as our hands wandered over one another. I spent much of the time with his **** & balls in my mouth and got down on my hands and knees begging him to **** me. He tried several times but we had no lube so I kept putting it in my mouth slobbering all over it to moisten it and would then try to stick it inside of me. His **** was just too big.
To date I have had at least 10 different ***** in my mouth, maybe 12. Some are hard to remember, going to a booth and sucking one then getting nervous and leaving only to return and do it again moments later wondering if it was the same ****.
I have only had two ***** *** in my mouth but I hope to experience it many more times once I find a boyfriend/lover.
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I started at about the same age.

as far as im concerned you are the lucky one to have had that experience. im still dreaming about sucking off a shemale and having it up the ***. by the way i love satin panties too.

What a wonderful story!! I sucked my first **** in an adult video arcade also. It was heavenly. Also had my *** ***** eaten out by an older man while he ***********. That was really hot. He thanked me over and over.

I really don't know if I', bi or that I just like anal stimulation. i started putting toys like screwdriver handles and similar in my *** while ************ when I was about 14. Never really felt attracted to men, but loved that feeling of something in may *** during ************, and it made my whole body just rack with pleasure when i came. Once I was in an adult arcade and as I entered a booth, another man and I kind of caught eyes as I entered a booth. This was before aids, and he was dressed nice, in a suit and a little older than me, and he followed me into the booth. He and I started watching a flick and started rubbing each other's ****. I had never had a MM experience before that, but I wanted to feel a **** in my *** so bad after all those years of pleasuring myself with toys during ************. He asked what I wanted and I told him that I wanted him to **** my ***. He was hard as a rock and dripping pre-***, so I got some of his pre-*** an my hand and added a lot of spit and it made a very slick mix. I dropped my pants and rubbed this slick mix on and into my then-virgin *** and bent forward. It was amazing how easily he slid into my ***, as he was bigger than any toy I had ever used at that time. Anyway he had to go slow to open me up, but that feeling of being penetrated was just awesome. He only ****** me for a few minutes, but it felt fantastic. He came in me and then buttoned up and left the stall, cuz it was against the rules for two people to be in a stall together. I felt his slick *** trickling from my *** and played with my slick *** and ***********, It probably took less than 30seconds and I had a fantastic ******, *** shooting on the wall and floor below the video viewer. What a rush. It was probably close to ten years, maybe 15, before I had another **** in my ***. I t scared me to think I was gay or bi, both of which were pretty unacceptable to me at that time. had one othher married friend and I get together for a few times but that was many years later. We were mostly physical, swapped oral, no kissing, but my oral on him was mainly to get him hard and get some slick pre-*** and a mouthful of spit so he could **** me. I don't feel sexual attraction to men, but I love the feeling of having my *** penetrated with a nice hard **** while I **********. The ****** is OMG awesome.

Sounds like fun to me! I can't wait to be made love to like a woman and feel the warm *** spurting inside of me.