Maybe I Shouldnt ..

ok maybe I shouldn't go backwards. Its like she blames me entirely for our break up! One minute we're great and I could be layin in her bed. She could be holding me. We could be having the best conversation at dinner. Telling each other we love each other. Then we talk about work and the second she doesn't like a decision I've made (about work) she flips.... Oh ill talk to you another time. Then I don't hear from her for a week. I finally get the hint and ask for my things from her house...OMG did she flip even harder !!!!!!!!!! She threw everything in my face! how I cheated and walked out etc. WTF? Did she completley forget her part in this? One, I left her then started dating but had she not kept me a closet girlfriend for four years. Maybe if she didnt bite my head off every two seconds. Or if the sex didn't completely stop or better yet ... when I needed her most after my mother died had she not pushed me away, just F****** love me or talk with me I might have stayed. We were supposed to have kids!!!!!!!! I kept begging her to help me fix us but not until I was leaving did she say she would get help and by then it was too late. I left and I did regret most of it. So three years later Im here..... trying to still fix something thats been broken far too long. So yes again we had another conversation a few days ago... of which she doesnt like what Ive done (with my car) and decides to cut our talk...again. Its been three days since we've talked ... Im tired and I cant do this anymore. I apologized for my part in leaving back then and tried to work on us but I cant turn back into some kid that lets her older girfriend bully her into seeing things her way all the time. I dont think its worth it any more..I dont know
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Wow. She really needs to see a doctor about a possible bipolar disorder.

Good for you. First step complete. Next step stand by your decision. If she does change and asks to come back then you tell her I will give you ( however long you deceide knowing her disposition better than I ) to prove your self to me. You take charge and determine your own future. If it works good. If It doesn't then its the boot for good. No more chances after that it is over and you become on the market for a new and better life. If she doesn't ask to come back you are on the market now. Go for it.

think what bahli says is right you need to move on and find happiness,good luck to you


I know! It's time to cut thestrings!! You have tried and bent over backward to put things back together. From the sounds of it she has not changed one iota. So just count it 3 years+ wasted, put it behind you, and move on with life!!!

yeah .. I think your're right.