First Time

Love the site because I can finally tell people about my first bisexaul experience.
It was with this very cute co-worker that I happen to know was gay. I'm 25 swm but have a reular gilfriend who's wonderfull, however, I'm not sure she would approve of my new friend. I wonder how many woman would........but we started hanging out after work, having drinks, watching sports, ect.......then one night he casually asked if I thought about other guys......he knew I liked women big time. but he asked if I to experiment a bit. After several beers I was nervous, but he went slow, undressed in front of me and proceeded to undress me.....I was amazed at his body............he was a "big" I held him it grew in my hand, I have to say I was turned on, but we played that night and I did enjoy it
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26-30, M
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Brett, I love sucking **** also. I had my first bi-sexual experience when I was 12. I think your girlfriend might be turned on by the idea of you sucking another man's ****. You're so young make sure you explore your sexuality and don't be ashamed by anything you enjoy doing.

thanks...I'm working on it and having lots of fun

Hot hun, hope to hear more!

I bet you sucked his big **** and then took him deep in your *** huh?

oh yeah.....still do I love how it feels

It. Is addictive, could feel him pulsing just before he let it ***?

It is amazing when feel for the first time how warm a man's penis feels and feel it grow in your hand.

its addicting....and I loved when he moaned and told me how good it feel while I was sucking him