So, I'm only 21 (but I'm turning 22 soon!), and I haven't had too many relationships. But the ones that I have had have been with men. However, I have been attracted to women since my teens. But I have never dated one. During college, I started to realize this attraction, and started to accept it. At one point, I thought that maybe I was just lesbian because my last relationships were so bad. But I still like men too. I believe that I am bisexual, but still I have never been with another woman. Are there any others like myself? I really hope to gain some experience with women just to be sure. But honestly, I could see myself with anybody, man or woman.
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1 Response Jul 2, 2012

Finding ones sexuality is one of the most terrifying and exciting adventures that we may embark on. It is where we experiance some of our highest highs and our lowest lows. I would say, just stay positive and if it's ment to be it will happen, no matter which side of the fence you land on.