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Im Bi

Im 15 an bisexual but the thing is I haven't done it yet with ether a girl or boy but I know I'm bi because I have a craving for a boy to do me. And I serially want to do my girl.
Dustinrwellman Dustinrwellman 13-15, M 4 Responses Aug 8, 2012

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I understand that. But my only thing is I want love too... not just sex. Maybe that's just me.

well just relax and enjoy what comes your way

Me to. I wish u can help me

At your age, there is plenty of time to experiment to see what you really like the most. Also, if you go gradually, it's much more exciting because each new thing that you do is a fresh thrill. So start with kissing, then caressing your partners breast/chest, then watch each other in variuos stages of undress, ********** while you watch each other, touch each other "down there," use your mouths on each other and then finally you may be ready for intercourse. Make it last months rather than weeks and explore each stage fully. You'll enjoy it all -- but if you there's something you don't enjoy, then don't do it. Good luck!