Learning I Was Bi

I was probably about 17 when I was first with another girl. At the time I was with a boyfriend whose friend was seeing a ********, it made for alot of different, fun things to do.  Well we all decided that we should just go ahead and have sex in the same room......I mean why not especial since we did everything else together.  This was very interesting and turned into almost an **** for us as she and I started kissing and touching each other while the guys were ******* us.  I couldn't believe how turned on I got and how the moment with her tongue sliding over mine made his **** being inside pushed me further over the edge.  It was amazing.

That was only the first time too.  I knew the next time I was going to be alittle more adventurous and go down on her so I could find out what ***** tasted like.  It was different that what I had though but she made the experience enjoyable as I am big into sounds and talking.  And the next time was even better as we both went for each other with all the lust two people could ever have.  I say lust because there was no romantic feelings involved just the pure desire to be pleased like only we could give each other.  

Since this time I have been with several other women and find each to be exciting and amazing in her own way.  Just to grind onto each other and kiss is unreal to explain.  The softness of our bodies, sweet sensual kisses, and the sounds women make are amazing.  Only a woman can do the things a woman can do........not to say men are worse or not good because I have had only a couple of men really, really please me, but women are different since we know what we want and where we want it.  
missamberlawrence missamberlawrence
31-35, F
Sep 16, 2012