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Lately I've been having issues with my school & Bringing my girlfriend who lives an hour away to homecoming and when I went to go check on my approval slip they said they didn't want their school being known for same sex relationships. I had heard a couple years back there was this lesbian couple and they couldn't go to prom because of the same situation so they made it public and they got to Prom. There was also another time when this girl wanted to go with a girl to homecoming But, she hadn't come out to her parents yet and the school made her come out to her parents if not she couldn't go to homecoming in general. So I had mentioned it to another group of people and together we took a stand and they approved my slip today(: So my girlfriend can come to my school for homecoming. I felt really accomplished & it made me realize how much discrimination there still is toward LGBT, & I wanna make a difference.
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It's bad that they still discriminate in schools. Always take a stand! Good on you!