I know without a doubt that I am BI!!! It took me all these years to say that oh so scary word! Isn't that so silly! I know without a doubt that if I would have found a boy that stole my heart and soul as my wife did 33 years ago, I would have been just as dedicated and in love and would have been theirs 100% untill my last breath was drawn! Remember my loves, BI are just two letters in the alphabet! Love is love, sex is sex! Desires are not evil, only people with narrow minds can create ill feelings towards someone for their sexual preference! Carry yourself properly and present yourself proudly and I promise, the narrow minds will begin to open and realize Gay, Bi, Heterosexual are just created words using letters from the alphabet and mean nothing! The only created word that means absolute acceptance is LOVE! Love always; CANDICE
Candicegirl Candicegirl
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It has taken me too, a lifetime to admit that I am Bi...but I only admit it to the men I have sex with, and myself. At one time, I thought I might be gay, and attempted to live life as a gay man while having a steady gay lover. He nearly had me convinced there was no such thing as "bi"...that there were only "straight" and "gay"...and that "bi" GUYS were just gay guys who couldn't admit they were gay, or just plain horny ******* who couldn't keep their peckers in their pants. He had me absolutely sure, because I liked being ****** by guys, because I loved sucking ****, getting facials, and eating ***, that I HAD to be gay...and I thought, he must be right. For a period of six months, I swore off women...would only look at men, only have sex with men, and only THINK and fantasize about men. Didn't work...lasted six months, but it was tearing me apart.See, everything about women drives me nuts with sexual desire. Their voices, their hairless bodies, soft curves, skin, legs, flat stomachs, soft hips, dainty shoulders, and especially, ****, nipples, *******...and I love sex with eating *****, sucking nipples, playing with ****...the feeling of my **** sliding in and out of a nice, wet *****...******* in a women, getting a blow job from a woman...******* all over her, giving her a facial. Funny part?...NOTHING turns me on about men, except the sexual part. To me, men aren't very attractive at all...their hard curves, hairy bodies, men's ***** are a turn off to me...I don't find the chest sexy, legs, faces...the only way I know a man is attractive is if I look at him and have the thought that I wished I could look like him. But...the most erotic and sexually pleasing sex, is to be the "woman" for men. Even though I don't find men attractive, I do find the thought of a hot, hard **** sliding in and out of my *** and out of my mouth...across my tongue, the feeling of my tongue tracing the head of his ****, the taste of pre ***, the feeling, the smell, the taste of ***...OMG!...there is NOTHING hotter than sexually pleasing men!Don't get me wrong...I ADORE sex with women...but in the end, the ONLY thing you have to go on if you have pleased a woman, is her words...unless she squirts, which is rare...but a guy...I KNOW when I have done my job...I know when I have used my mouth to please him properly...I get the reward...a facefull, a mouthfull, of delicious, warm, slippery ***! It would be perfect if men were like women in that they could continue to have sex, and multiple ******* like women.Problem for me?...if I were a woman, I could openly admit I was bi-sexual. If you are a woman, you can be anything you want...straight, bi, gay...and everyone thinks the world of you...most every woman on Earth can admit they have had Bi-sexual thoughts, or even experiences, and everyone loves them. Gay women, bi women...turn women and men on alike. But men?...if you are straight, you are a "man"! If you are gay, you are brave, and you are accepted more and more...and all that is wonderful. BUT...if you are a man, and you are "bi", you are NOT openly accepted. Not by women, not by men, not EVEN by a lot of GAYS. I have heard it from women, I have heard it TONS from "normal, (straight) men, and sadly, I have even heard it from gay women and men! We Bi men are considered sexual freaks and deviates...not even able to admit our desires to the ones closest to us. If my woman knew I was bi, she'd leave me in a heartbeat. If my family knew, they'd disown me. And if the general public knew, I'd be shunned. A lot of things suck about being a man...and this, for me anyway, is at the top of my list "why it sucks to be a man".

Wow! Honey, you need to post this marvelous testimony as one of your stories!!

As for me, I adore the female body! Everything about them is incredibly sensual and erotic!!
I also adore men's bodies! Everything about a guy is such a turn on to me!!
Thank you for reading and replying to my story!!

Thank you my sexy prince!!

I once was that narrowminded homophobic fool. Life evolves. Life happens. Life bites you on the arse.
You're so right, desires, sex, nudity are not evil. Only small-minded create that perception.
The last few years my bi-curiousity has grown to a level that I have experienced oral pleasures with other men, and loved it...

Aww!! Thanks baby for replying to my story!! And for being honest!!

Well if we can't be honest here where can we be....?
I believe if we have a voice we can change peoples perceptions? Only my story, told subtley, was deleted...Twice!

I hate getting that notification! Inappropriate for the "community"!! EP was not about that when I first joined. If those few in the "community" find distaste for our grouping and story posting, just don't read them for crying out loud!!! Don't ban us or have us deleted!!

I had my first wet dreams thinking of women, yet then had more thinking of what it would be like to be a woman!

I did not realise until I was actually bi until I was 13 and got sexually excited when a man touched me. I was ashamed.

I then had more sexual experiences with men than women in my teens also. And the women I did go with liked to dominate me. It was.only when I was in my mid twenties that I reconciled myself to just living as I felt happy with. I met my wife and she stole my heart.

How wonderfully sweet!!

I really enjoyed your story and very much like the thought behind it 😃.

Thank you darling!

I totally agree with you but I knew I was by when I was 7 when I love having a ***** up my *** and dressing up in women's clothing I wanted both I have friend you and I would love to know more about you

Thank you for reading my story!

No it is a beautiful story I love to hear more about your lifestyle did you get my email I emailed you

A beautiful story. I now know that I am Bi. I love women. They have their own beauty. But a man also has his own beauty. The way his penis can go from soft and flaccid to hard and throbbing. The way he spasms when he ***'s. Love is a powerful emotion and can be enjoyed in many ways. Most will call me a sicko when I say I love the transsexual body. The ***, the **** and a penis. If only I was born 30 years later things would be so different.

Thank you for reading my story! I love your response!! If only I would have expressed all those years ago, my desires to "Not be a Boy", I think every little trace if any maleness in Candice's existence would have disappeared long ago. But.... I would still be BI!! I just love the magic that a woman's body holds, and the mystical power in a mans embrace!!

Thank you!

Well stated. Being bi does open up a whole range of unique experiences. Each gender, including trans, has its sensual attributes.

Thank you Chantelle!!
I just adore you name!!!

I know sweetie!!

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Love to be with you

If only it were possible!!

Love yA

Awww!! Love you to!!!

I feel the same way

Thank you!!!!

I love the way you said this.

Thank you!! Thank you so very much!!

I love how you put things into perspective. Allows people like me to know we are not weird! Thank you! :)

What a wonderful response!!! Thank you!!!! You have put a smile on my face!!!

hi ! well put ! :-)

Thanks!!! Kisses!!!

Yes as my old Mum used to say"Sticks and stones may hurt you,names never should!" but yes I too am bi,but also monogamuse to the person I love,who at present is female however having had 3 failed marriages I'm hoping this partnership will see me through but if not who knows who my next love will be as sexuality is only one thing that counts.

So very true!! A true lasting relationship has many factors involved that makes it click, not just sex!!
Thank you for reading my story!!

Thank you for the story. You are so right.


Candi, its a funny thing. I LOVE looking at women (the boobs get me every
time) but I know I want to "go down" on a man. I think about that so often.
I do hope it will happen in my lifetime. I almost got the chance just this week.
There is another guy on here.....from my town...........that stated the same
fantasy. Maybe...................

Oh wow!!! I sure hope you two hook up!!!!

well it WOULD answwer questions we BOTH have, huh!

Uh huh!

You will LOVE will blow your mind...suggestion...let him give you a facial and *** in your mouth!

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Good post

Thank you!

Well said, and beautiful sentiments. Although I tend more towards homosexual these days, I am still bi, something I'm always made aware of, by another person's sex, male or female, being secondary to any attraction, lust, or love, I may feel towards them..
Thanks for sharing this with us.

Beautiful reply to my story!
Thank you for reading my story!

For years I referred to myself as bi--but have long known I prefer to be with other men and satisfy them

Me to!
Thanks for reading my story.

be careful, I can't resist kisses

The nicest, sexiest, most erotic element of love making, is the KISS!!

I don't know for myself....I jus want to be loved and be treated good. I'm so into women, but I feel they give up on themselves and forget the things that are so important in life. Like pleasing their men. Alot of women date guys for their looks, but happen if those small percent of unwanted men transform into sexy ladies and steal their men.

Thank you honey, for reading my story!!

I knw I am bi for sure. I like wmen and men equaly. I need more experience with men as I don't get to live in that part of my lifevery much, but I know how and what to do when there. As for myself I live in a male mode most of the time only being able to underress 24/7, but that is half way so I guess you could say I live my life half woman and half man. I feel like there are two people within me and I am beginning to think the feminine part is the best and the one I want to live as if I had the choice. It is so much softer. I love to love. I think it is what mankind was designed for so what difference does it make if I love a man or woman as long as I love?

Exactly Laura! If I would have met a man that stole my heart the way my wife did, I would be just as madly in love, and dedicated to him! Kisses Hun!

Kinda wish that would have been me. I'd have loved that as you and I seem to have fit together so well. But things wil be as they will.

Awww! You are so sweet!

Thanks and you are to.

You are a lucky girl. I wish I could be where you are now. I'm stuck in my cage and can't get out without distroyingmy life and the lives of others around me.

I love your reply!
I would love to live 24/7 as Candice, but to many souls depend on man existence that I've created, so I do what I can, and as frequently as possible.
Thank you for reading my story.

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I guess I am bi too as I still like women but I can't do much for them anymore. Lately, as a woman I find myself dreaming about lying with a man. I don't think I'm ready for oral yet, but I would love to snuggle in his arms and kiss him passionately. I'd love to massage his manhood until came in my hand and then lick it off my fingers just to taste him. I'd definately offer him my female virginity and pray he would be really well hung.
Do I make you proud sis?

Always sweetheart! Luv you!