My Girl Part Two (more Parts To Follow)

After our little sleep over she went back to her dorm. We talked on the phone several times that week . I asked her to come back over on Saturday she gladly accepted. I was getting a sense that things were going to work out really well between us. Then on Thursday I got a strange call from her. She told me maybe it wouldn't be a good idea for her to continue seeing me. I could sense a lot of stress in her voice. I asked her what was going on,she wouldn't open up at first,so I kept pushing her for an answer. Finally after much pushing She told me her friends know that she is seeing an older lady,a lady old enough to be her mom.They were telling her it was a nasty and tasteless thing she was doing. I asked her how she felt. She started crying and said she wanted to be with me but she couldn't. I gave her grief for caving in to peer pressure. She said she was sorry and said goodbye. It really hurt but I deserved it I thought to myself. I should of known better to pursue such a young girl. About two weeks went by without hearing a word. Wow ! I thought to myself she could of at least wrote a letter she has my address.I wouldn't of thought a girl who is a junior in college as being immature. Oh well time to move on I guess I sighed. Then on Friday night it was about eleven o' clock. I was going to turn in for the night and the phone rang. She was crying hysterically. I asked her what was wrong. She kept repeating "Help me,help me". I kept asking what was wrong but she wouldn't say. I finally got her to tell where she was at. I grabbed my pistol and took off after her. I didn't know what to expect when I got there. I found her sitting on a bus stop close to the university. I got her into my truck and I saw her clothes were torn ,her lip had been split and she had a swollen eye. I refused to leave until she told what had happened. She told me her boyfriend beat her up and tried to rape her. I wanted to go to the police but would she have none of that. I took her home with me trying to control the rage inside of me. I wanted to castrate that s.o.b. and then shoot in both knee caps and then beat the crap out of him. I hurried home and knew exactly what to do. I got her out of her clothes and drew a bath for her. I knew she probably felt dirty after the attempted sexual assault. I took a wash rag and cleaned her up. I got some ice packs for her eye and lip. I felt like crying but I somehow managed not to. I had to be strong I told myself. I got her to bed and held her in my arms. She kept apologizing and I kept stroking her hair holding her tight against me. She finally fell asleep in my arms. The next morning I made her breakfast in bed and had her tell me everything. I assured her she did nothing wrong and that he needs to go to jail for what he did. I told her if she lets him get away with it he will do it again,he may even kill the next girl. She agreed but I could tell she was scared. I assured her I would protect her and keep her safe. She finally agreed. We went to the hospital to have her injuries documented and then we had the police come to the hospital and file a report. The officer that came knew who the boyfriend was. Apparently he had done something similar to this before but the girl dropped the charges. I got my girl to go through with the charges. He got arrested,charged and locked up. Long story short he got kicked out of school (He was in his senior year). He took a plea bargain and got sentenced to 6 months (if that isn't wrong I don't know what is.). I think he should of got 6 years. At least he has a record now. It took two weeks for the injuries to heal. She told me she wanted to quit school. I had a long talk with her and convinced to stay in school. She apologized for treating me the way she did and thanked me for helping her. I asked her if she wanted to go back to the dorm and be with her friends. She shook her head no. She said she knows who her real friend is. She told me she tried to call her friends that night but nobody came to help her. I smiled at her and said "I hope I can become more than a friend" She gave me that little smile and asked me if she could stay for a few weeks . I gladly said yes. The next week was uneventful. I was not going to approach her for sex,I knew she was going through a lot. The next week she surprised me when she came into my room wearing some very sexy black lingerie with black stockings.Oh WOW ! I thought. She asked me if I liked her new lingerie. I told her to get in bed with me and find out. We kissed for a good 10 minutes and then much to my surprise she told me she had never eaten a girls kitty before. I had her lay down on the bed and I straddled her face (I love straddling a girl's face). I thought she would need encouraging but I was wrong. She licked and sucked on my kitty like it was her last meal I took my fingers and opened myself up to her. She immediately started licking and sucking on my love button.It didn't take too long before I exploded all over her face. I gushed all over her face and into her mouth. I couldn't remember the last time I exploded that hard and long. I started grinding all over her face and I could tell she was enjoying every drop of my honey. I turned around and started munching on her kitty. She was soaked before I even started.We enjoyed each other for the better part of a half hour. I lost track of how many explosions we had between us. We were both feeling weak so we cuddled for a while. Then she got up and said she had a special gift for the both of us. In the bag she had was a couple of egg vibrators and a 10 inch ***** for my st--p on. We had all kinds of naughty fun that night. I used that 10 inch on her long and hard. She surprised me by asking me to do her anally as well. My goodness I thought this might hurt. I made sure to lick and suck on her back door and to stimulate her with my fingers and plenty of lube Much to my surprise I manage to get all 10 inches in her (Lots of preparation and patience) Once I got it all in she was begging me to f--k her a$$. I gave her a good long hard fu---ing . I found out afterwards that she had never had anal before. That I was the first to give it to her. The fact that she did a lot of firsts with me was very special to me (and it will always will be). It looked like things were starting to progress between us again.
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You are so thoughtful and nice, you really helped her out of that bad situation. When I hear such stories of men raping girls I feel bad and so ashamed to be a man, but I'd never do anything to a girl she doesn't want. Whenever you need a helping hand or a second **** to double penetrate I'm here for you two :)

I couldn't believe she took the whole 10 inches !. I was extra careful and patient. If it would of hurt she may not of tried it again. The most important part of this experience is that nobody would help her. I was the only one who cared and it wasn't because I wanted her it was because I cared what happen to her. I couldn't begin to imagine how frightening it was for her to be attacked and not have anyone to help her. No one should have to go through an experience like this. I guess you would have to be female to understand.